Morning Message

Message 4
Fluid Reality

Life is a hologame… the experience you have while in your physical body is only one aspect of who you are. This aspect is important because it offers the opportunity to experience duality… positive and negative…. duality is a creation of ego. It is an aspect of separation. It is duality which can act as the solid anchor to this illusionary reality.

Imagine that your ego is only your manager… not the owner… just the manager of your being, however, like most manager’s after years of caring for and making all the decisions based on duality, your manager/ego believes they are in charge.

Now the owner (your divine awareness) returns and now wants to run the business (your life) the ego does not want to lose its control. Many individuals struggle between the ego’s self and the higher aware self… the power struggle… the duality.

The higher aware self is lovingly, merging with the aspect you call ego. This is the evolution taking place on your planet. The total merging of the aware multidimensional self fully embodied in physical form anchors a place of total balance in the field of duality.

It is in the energy field of balance within that you can become aware of the many other realities in which your travel. You are awakening to the multi-dimensions in which your true self dwells and plays.

It is an energy field in which thoughts manifest instantly. It is a reality in which you can travel to any timeframe, any hologame you can imagine. It is a reality that is fluid.


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