Preparing For Ascension – Anne DeHart – Hollow Earth Network

Preparing For Ascension – Anne DeHart

Hi Everyone,

When I awoke this morning and turned on my computer, the first message I read was the following, from Cassidy. As I wrote my response, I keep feeling this was meant for not just Cassidy, but all the others with the same questions and concerns.

So here is a direct copy of what I just emailed Cassidy:  

Dear Anne,
Just wondering other than thinking of pure love and joy and positive thinking,what are the exact steps for raising my vibrations? I try to meditate , I get relaxed but nothing happens, should I try binaural beats?

Go to the Resources, Raising Vibrations, and Health Programs sites. Use your pendulum and ask which of the various suggestions are for you.

I take HGH, Laminine, Cho-Wa, and wear a Sirius Balancing pendant.

For meditation, I LOVE Cho-Wa, and will never be without it. By the time I get to the bottom of the cup of tea (I drink it cold, as was shared in the original literature) I am all settled in for meditation and nothing distracts me. As many of you know, I try not to let a day pass without my “Morning Time.”

Laminine is clinically proven to raise the Serotonin … the happy hormone of which most people are deficient. It first works on the brain and neurotransmitters … then the brain determines who next “qualifies” for Laminine. You can hear recordings where Zorra tells us about it on the Health Programs page. It definitely relieves stress, worry, anxiety, fear, pain, ADD, ADHD, Parkinson’s, Asberger’s Disease, and brings mental clarity, focus, peace of mind, raises our consciousness and frequency. On the Health Program page, recordings from Zorra tell us that the developers of Laminine were influenced by the Agarthians.

There is a link on the HGH (Human Growth Hormone) page, Resources, that tells you all about it. This was the first thing Zorra recommended.

And the Sirius Balancing Pendant, or other pendants … read about them and hear the audios that explain
Body Frequency Technology
Life Enhancing Products

These resonate the perfect body frequencies, and distorted frequencies move into alignment, like a tuning fork. Zoser tells about this and says he was part of the development of this technology. Zorra endorses it. Billie and Jane are using it.
Billie’s Site

And how do I know where to go to find the right ship to inner earth and if that’s even my calling?

We are “sorted out” by our DNA. Starships are already here to pick up the descendants of their original Starseeds and return them to their home star systems and families.

Soon, Agarthians will be emerging from tunnels throughout the world, also with their aero ships, to help everyone get to their right place. Some will go to Inner Earth; some to Hollow Earth, some to their starships .

Those not ready for 5th Dimension will go to Earth’s sister 4-D planet directly opposite Earth, on the other side of the sun. And some (me) will return to our ships.

The higher our vibrations, the easier to move to 5th Dimension.

Cause I know its definitely in my nature to be kind giving and to live with integrity, and without envy hate or greed, john Lear stated it well.
Thanks sincerely Cassidy

You’re welcome, Cassidy. As I wrote this, I thought there are probably many others with the same concerns. So I am going to send this in a newsletter.

Time is short; two months. I am glad I have these support systems which certainly do keep me in balance and harmony, and give me the energy to keep up with my intense schedule.

I would definitely recommend you do as much for yourself as you can. We still have some rough spots ahead, and it is our job to help stabilize the others. So we definitely need this balancing and strength for ourselves.

Get as many as indicate with your own pendulum. It will not only help you, but your mission and your leadership as you help the others.

My love always,


Source: Hollow Earth Network

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