White Light Halos & Auras for Everyone

White Light Halos & Auras for Everyone

A few inches above your head is a sphere of white light. When consciously brightened, it becomes a halo of divine light above your head. Envisioning this spherical halo and intentionally infusing it with more bright white light will activate your connection with the celestial universe and bring you great peace. As you concentrate on this sphere you can bring it’s infinite higher vibration light down over your entire body, encompassing your body completely with a divine light aura. You could consider your aura as your 9th chakra, which when activated and charged with divine white light it will protect and uplift you holistically. You can stream this infinite light from your spherical halo to other people, animals and rooms in order to bless, protect and help lighten their energy fields.

Recognizing and envisioning the light infused halos and auras on every person will send an energetic reminder to each of these persons to brighten and lighten their halos and auras. It will also serve as your acknowledgment of the divine god-source in each of them (‘Namaste’: “I recognize the god in you.”). Staying of pure mind and loving intent is essential while moving your intention towards bringing in more light.

The more you practice lightening your halo and aura, the more it will stay that way continuously. It will bring more balance and serenity into your life, as well as higher wisdom. The colors and vibrations of your aura, the energy field surrounding your body, will change as your psychological states change. It is easy to instantly darken your aura upon sinking into darker feelings or thoughts. If you realize this has happened just lighten yourself back up. You don’t need to ignore your more negative feelings. Allowing the energies of your 8th chakra to fill your aura will help stabilize you and give you a higher perspective of whatever darkness or heaviness you are feeling. This should help you transition and process through difficult life lessons faster.

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About Andy

I live in Bonnie Scotland and am retired now, I was an Information Technology Teacher and CISCO Lecturer for most of my career. I also taught at my own school in Hong Kong. I have flown around the World two times both East and West. Invented a computerized fishing reel and patented it way back in 1982, practiced throwing a boomerang outside of Alice Springs Australia etc., etc., I now enjoy playing guitar and jamming with my mates, as well as tending to my blog. Lots of memories... .. . experiences... .. . and life in the NOW.
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5 Responses to White Light Halos & Auras for Everyone

  1. eof737 says:

    Uplifting post. 😉

  2. Chelsea Brown19 says:

    Just letting you know that I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.
    Check it out http://liveonne.wordpress.com/

    • Andy says:

      Thank you Chelsea for nominating me, I appreciate this and your praise for my blog. However, I have done a little digging on these blog awards and have come to the conclusion that they are no more that a pyramid scheme. Please don’t misunderstand me, I do realize that this award may bring/drive more visitors but I have read many comments about this and found that many bloggers don’t agree with it. If I were to accept, I would find it rather difficult to select 15 dear blogging friends from the many many I have and subject them to do the same which in turn which would multiply exponentially.

      Thank you once again Chelsea for your nomination, but I sincerely refuse.

      Love Andy

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