Strong Wings

Strong Wings    
7:07am Nov 28

This Lunar Eclipse is called Crystal Lunar Eclipse. A very important energy event which will prepare us for 12.12.12 ascension day. The most powerful moment of eclipse: UK: 14.33 // Turkey 16:33 //22:33 for china // 23:33 for Japan// 01:33 for Australia. An important moment of our lives. Time for praying and meditating. I wish you all a very powerful, very enlightening Moon Eclipse experience. Peace and Love.

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この月面Eclipseはクリスタル月食と呼ばれています。これは非常に重要なエネルギーイベントは12.12.12キリスト昇天祭のための私達に用意しております。日食の中で最も強力な瞬間:英国:14.33/ /トルコ午後04時33分/ /午前22時33分オーストラリアの日本/ /1時33分のための陶磁器/ /午前23時33分のため。私たちの生活の重要な瞬間。祈りと瞑想のための時間。私はあなたのすべての非常に強力な、非常に啓発ムーンEclipseの経験をお祈りしております。平和と愛

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Bu gece ay tutulmasi var. Ay tutulmasinin turkiye saatiyle en kuvvetli -en enerjetik ani 16:33. Ay tutlmasiyla ustumuze inecek olan enerji bizi 12.12.12 tarihinde acilacak olan yukselis enerjisine hazirlayacak olan enerjidir. 16:00-17:00 dua ve meditasyonla gecirmek sizi negatif enerjilerden temizleyecek, size sifa verecek, enerji bedeninizin kapasitesini arttiracaktir. Hepinize Sevgi ve Huzur diliyorum.
Rare Lunar Eclipse: November 28, 2012
The Last Lunar Eclipse of 2012 will be Amazing !!!!

( The last lunar eclipse of 2012 is a deep penumbral eclipse with a magnitude of 0.9155. It should be easily visible to the naked eye as a dusky shading in the northern half of the Moon. )


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I live in Bonnie Scotland and am retired now, I was an Information Technology Teacher and CISCO Lecturer for most of my career. I also taught at my own school in Hong Kong. I have flown around the World two times both East and West. Invented a computerized fishing reel and patented it way back in 1982, practiced throwing a boomerang outside of Alice Springs Australia etc., etc., I now enjoy playing guitar and jamming with my mates, as well as tending to my blog. Lots of memories... .. . experiences... .. . and life in the NOW.
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