Make this your final chapter in 3D survival mode

Make this your final chapter in 3D survival mode
07/12/2012 01:21

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By David Porter – Posted on 05 December 2012


9 days later is


9 days later is


9 days later is


3 = The new Higher Self expression

9 = Completion

There are “three” (9 day) segments of completion in this December, you entered the first one Dec, 3rd-12/11. The next is on 12/12-12/21 the last is 12/21-12/30. 

When you add the year of 2012, the 20 to this you get 11 in each case the number of Unity Consciousness=God.

What you are being shown here is the most powerful energetic timeline in the history of our history. In this is the greatest mystery to all mankind. Here is the resolve for this.

As you keep this in mind, know that it is not a guy on a thown tilted “god” that you seek, no. It is “God-Consciousness” that you seek. If God was a guy or gal, you and I would be in deep nothingness and continue to go without. “God” is a level of Vibrational Frequency. This Frequency is Love, the Greatest of all things. As you know it to be titled, “God” is Pure Consciouness, Pure Potential, “Christ Consciousness.” As the Soul you are, this, to reach, is your intent, desire, and goal, whether or not you are now at the level of consciousness to be aware of it. Obtaining this level will well inform you of this truth.

On the evening of 12/11 and the morning, day or evening or all three of 12/12 to connect with This, you will be wise to sit in a room alone for a while and request This to come to you. Give It permission to come. Ask your Divine Almighty I AM Presence to intervene and bring this level of Consciousness unto you.

Prepare yourself in this meditation/prayer with gratitude, fogiveness to all and feel unconditional Love to all.

You may call on God, Jesus, Mother Mary, Alah, Buddah, your Angels, Guides or Who you Love most to be with you. This simply aims your intent to a Higher “Place” than where you are “coming from.”

Repeat this on the evening of 12/20 and the morning, day or evening or all three of 12/21.

Lighting 3 candles to represent Your Three Fold Flame that burns with Gold, Blue and Pink in the mist of your Sacred Heart is an excellent idea.

If you don’t have “time” to do this, then without exception of any nature like as if you had but one last chance in all of eternity to save your own Soul, the Earth, Solar system, Galaxie, Univese and The Heavens you will be WISE to make “time.”

Keep it simple, all applications are now being accepted.

This is how you

“Remember Who You Are”

link to source.

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