Galactic alignments: Precession & Galactic change

Galactic alignments: Precession & Galactic change (3 days of darkness metaphor explained)
23/12/2012 11:58
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Dear Ascension Pioneers!

The precession, which is a conclusion of a 26,000 year cycle, began on the 21st of December, on the day of the Winter Solstice. I have been asked to further explain the 3 day period of the precession cycle, which we are now in and it lasts from December 21st to December 23rd. So, why does it take exactly 3 days for this to occur? 

First You have to understand the nature of Creation, which is non linear. The nature of Creation, and therefore time, which is just one of the structures within Creation, is cyclical, or better yet … it is spiral. The nature of it is also directly connected with the electromagnetic field of our planet Earth and the energies received through celestial body alignments with other bodies of consciousness. Each body of Creation has its own magnetic field, which includes us as Humans, and every Life form possible!

Each body of consciousness has a thoroidal field (torus) around it. That is what every Being consists of, and so do we as Humans, as this is our personal Vortex. When a certain planetary body, such as our planet Earth aligns with another celestial body, or in this case, the Galactic Core, the stream of energy from that center is directed directly into the center of the thoroid of the Earth. You can imagine this like catching the light of the Sun through a hole in a ball. They have to be in perfect alignment in order for the light to penetrate through the hole in the center of the thoroid. When we are able to catch the light of the Sun’s rays, the streaming of energy begins.

Because the Universe is constantly in movement, the timing of this direct streaming depends on the cycle of alignment, which in this case is the precession. This is the approx. 26,000 years culmination of all 12 signs of the zodiac, while each one lasts around 2166 years. Because there is a certain time frame within this alignment, it causes this to have a certain duration as it appears like from our planet.

In the case of the precession, this lasts exactly 3 days. If the cycle within the alignment is grander, it takes even longer. You can further understand this with an assistance of imagining a simple image of many circles extending out of one center, representing different cycles of Creation. Our planet Earth is right in the middle of this circle, and so we view things from this perspective. The width of the circle around it depends on the certain cycle of Creation.

So, what about alignments? If the circle is closer to our planet, the duration of that alignment (energy stream) will be shorter than that of a circle which is extended even further out. In the case of the Galactic Change (which is the cycle of approx. 108 million years), this process of energy stream takes even longer.

What about the process of the energy integration? When the stream of energy takes place, the energy goes directly into the thoroidal hole (the center of the celestial body), and then it spreads further out through the lay lines, which are the planetary meridians, and then it further spreads out through the entire planet. We also assist with this process, because we are one with our mother planet. Each one of us is serving as an antenna of Light. As Light holders and pillars, we are assisting the energy to spread around the planet in perfect balance. That is one of our main purposes as Ascension Pioneers. That is why it is also very important to learn (remember) about the energy meridians and our personal Vortex, which is the thorodial nature of all things in Creation.

I would like to add this as well. There are as many truths (points of viewing the reality within these cycles) as there are realities, but the non moving (non rotating) nature of our Source encompasses all in just One Truth, where all points of viewing are One! We are so small … and yet so grand, for in one, there is All, and in all … there is but One!

Within Divine Love, Polona

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Source: 2012 The Awakening

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