The Clock is Ticking

2012 December 23
Posted by Steve Beckow

Time-2345I think I have my feet on the ground enough to give you a description of what has been transpiring in the last … nine hours.

It seems like nine days.

I had a dream last night and in it I saw the shape of the New World. You’re probably saying, well, let me see, yesterday you said the Company of Heaven had to step up to the bat, and today you’re saying… 

And yes, that’s true.

However in the place of heightened bliss that I’ve been living in in the last nine hours, I see, or I think I see, and I knew for the time of the spiritual experience that I’ve just been through, that all is proceeding as planned.

Yes, we did get hit with a blast of light on Dec. 21st. (And here the bliss begins rising within me again and I begin almost to lose my train of thought and must wait for it to subside.)

But part of what I suspect – and on this I could be wrong, but it’s something I knew about many, many years ago from other spiritual experiences – part of where we’ve misjudged (or I’ve misjudged) some aspects of that event is that we may misunderstand the nature of light. I saw in two experiences, one which I called the Flame in the Heart and the other which I called the Silver Bullet, that light is not … well, not necessarily … like say a spotlight or a lighthouse beacon – all brightness and intensity.

Light is also like awareness or like consciousness itself.  In those two experiences, I realized what light was, at the same time as I was filled with love, and the conjunction of the two was what brought on the spiritual experience. (The bliss rises again and I almost lose my train of thought.)

Perhaps rather than “light” we might want to hear “consciousness” or “awareness” as the Vedantists say. And perhaps instead of “love” we might want to hear “bliss” as the Vedantists also say. Now I have experienced the two of them together, but I have not experienced the third – which Vedantists call “being” or “existence.” That part has not yet happened for me, but when it does, I would venture to say, wow.

Being, awareness, and bliss is the Vedantist’s definition of God. And so what we are talking about is Self-Realization. No, it hasn’t hit me yet. But it may. And it may also hit you so please be easy on me. Ask not for whom the bell tolls….

And I’m opening to the experience, as Archangel Michael recommended that we do. And even if I open to it for one in-breath, that in-breath is filled with bliss.

So to recap, I awoke from a dream last night in which I saw the New World operating. Everyone was so happy and content and they were all beavering away at things that they loved. But everyone was doing it for the collective. Those who were growing vegetables, as I said earlier, were growing them for the sake of all. And those who were teaching or helping others to understand what had happened, what it meant, what it promised, were also doing it for the sake of all.

And I realized that all we have talked about here – but this applies to the other sites as well – is indeed true and it is what we need to know. This blogsite in its totality, with all the channeled messages that you read day after day, is a gloss on what we can expect, what we are building and what will grow, gradually or suddenly, and gradually for some and suddenly for others as it happened suddenly for me last night – this is all that has been talked about on this site and on the other sites.

And I wrote about that experience from being in the midst of it, so you could see the emotions and the jumbledness of it and the spontaneity and aliveness. The writing? Well, hey.

During the entire course of that experience, I totally forgot all that had gone on before, all that we had talked about, all that we had felt and did not feel. Bliss is like that. It sweeps away the memories, the regrets, the worries. And even now, as the bliss wells up in me, as Archangel Michael said it would, I move into and out of remembrance of those days that we’ve gone through on this most unpredictable and remarkable of journeys.

Now as I say, I have not added beingness to awareness and bliss. The experience is not complete yet. I do not yet know who I am – the beingness part of it. But the awareness and the bliss part are magnificent.

I am feeling so vulnerable at this moment. There are those who would love to disparage. There are those who, in the face of one of us climbing up a few steps, would inadvertently pull the one off the ladder to comfort the other.  It’s a most precarious state and so I’m staying here on my own, quietly alone in my room.  And it isn’t complete yet so there’s nothing I can contribute generally anyways, save my descriptions of the process as it unfolds. This is all I can do right now, all I can manage.

I can’t search the Net for anything. I can hardly keep it together to post. And for that I can only say please forgive me.

I’ve said many times in the past that I know that one of my jobs here is to go through my Ascension publicly. Who else would bare themselves this way than one who has been assigned the task? That’s what I came for. That’s why I’m a writer. And that’s what writers do. This is me earning my heavenly keep.

You may heal the sick and wounded, create beautiful music, or grow the world’s food. This is what I do.

So now I’ve had a glimpse of the New World and it is magnificent. I’ve had a taste of the New Life and it is irresistible. And now I sit here, swaying back and forth in my chair, thinking of you, wishing you could feel the way I do, and missing all your company. I’m in the egg, in the womb, as are we all. And the clock is ticking.


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I live in Bonnie Scotland and am retired now, I was an Information Technology Teacher and CISCO Lecturer for most of my career. I also taught at my own school in Hong Kong. I have flown around the World two times both East and West. Invented a computerized fishing reel and patented it way back in 1982, practiced throwing a boomerang outside of Alice Springs Australia etc., etc., I now enjoy playing guitar and jamming with my mates, as well as tending to my blog. Lots of memories... .. . experiences... .. . and life in the NOW.
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