What’s next? Part 1

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by Visionkeeper

amazing-beautiful-black-and-whit-check-out-christmas-favim-com-323718Now that Christmas has ended, it is time to put all these distractions behind us and get on with things. I am still trying to figure out a new format for this site as we are done with the ascension thingy and now we are moving forward into the new world. Personally for me I think it is time we get up off our meditation cushions and roll up our sleeves and get some work done! These cockroaches that scurry around on Capitol Hill are not going away without a massive dose of Raid sprayed by EVERYONE in unison together! I think many feel the same way but the real question is, are you willing to do what it takes to get this job done? I mean really walk the talk not talk the walk! It is one thing to sit back and talk about what we need to do, it’s quite another to actually partake in some solution. It is time for all the awakened websites to begin an active discussion on how we can NOT-COMPLY because if we don’t comply with their little program, it falls apart. They can only continue to do what they do if we continue to go along with the program. So that must stop immediately. You can’t have your cake and eat it too, there has to be some sacrifice to get the desired results. You can’t keep doing things the way you have been and expect change! It ain’t going to happen folks. 

Compromise has always been around for as long as I can remember and for good reason. We must be willing to compromise if we are to move forward. First and foremost I think we need to sit down and take stock of just how each of us comply or don’t comply. We may not really even realize we are complying until we take a closer look. Once you have figured out where you and your family comply, then it is time to figure out ways to not comply and get around what they demand from you but still have what you need. The answer lies within creating the new to replace the old. It happened with our food way back when. I know when my son was born in 1980 I refused to give him food that wasn’t fit to eat. It became so limiting it was difficult to follow that program. Others felt the same restrictions obviously because the Organic movement began to grow and was able to eventually replace the poisoned foods with pure foods as best as was possible. Over time it grew and was able to replace just about every product we needed. It takes patience!

What the world needs is a whole bunch of intelligent, quick thinking people able to sit down and begin figuring out how to replace everything the dark ones offer us. That way we no longer give our money over to them and their source to fund their evil begins to dry up. We in essence have to slowly starve them to death, but it won’t work with just a handful of people doing this. Therein lies our next hurdle to get over. How do we activate the masses? This is what catches me up every time. We need to find contacts with big named people to get movements going and to make progress. So we need to be finding connections through friends etc. as to how we can be in contact with big named people, or find a way to connect for action like they are now doing on the petition sites. Time to get the brain activated!!! I don’t tweet but I suppose that is another way to put the word out when everyone is needed. The first challenge I guess would be to organize a movement for change and somehow get it known world wide.

I think the main reason people don’t dare wake up is because they see no way out of the nightmare if they do. We have to be able to offer a way out if we can expect the sleepers to awaken. If people are shown where they can go next once they wake up and that there is a direction to follow and solutions being offered to help them, THEN and only then will they be willing to wake up. So these things I have mentioned are what we all need to be working on to find answers to these problems. We must WALK the talk! Really stop listening to our TV’s, stop eating their poisoned food, stop using Big Pharma drugs and go natural. I have lived an alternative lifestyle now for many, many years and I am healthy as best I can be for aging, I don’t feel tied to the matrix way of life and I am happy. It all comes down to actually DOING IT!!!! If we don’t make these changes and dry up the money train to the dark ones, our life in hell and misery will continue. Time to do what we talk about!!!!

So I still am not certain where this site will go but this is what I am thinking about and will probably gear this site towards. We are awake now, we don’t need to hold each others hands, we are strong and whole within with much power to create whatever we desire. We must use that to create our new world and that begins by taking apart the old paradigm and doing what we say we will do. We need to get to where we can trust what other people say they will do. We need to rebuild our trust between each other. If people really believed that everyone else around them would refuse to pay taxes for this FALSE fiscal cliff, then I think everyone would do the same. Right now we don’t trust that we won’t end up being just a handful that ends up not paying taxes and going to jail. If everyone were involved they can’t jail us all. So how do we regain each others trust and accept their word as truth?

These are thoughts for everyone to begin to think about and begin to find solutions for. The time of doing nothing has ended! If we want our freedom and a new world then we have to fight for them just like we did for ascension and holding the light! We did it then and we can do it again. It just takes awake and curious minds and a willingness to get down and dirty in this fight for ourselves. We can do this. The light community is large enough now with good people and we all know people and we have good minds to think up answers. We just have to activate together and do it! The beauty of being such a diverse group of people is that everyone has their own areas of passion and how they think, so each person will gravitate to the area they find most interesting to explore and find answers for, and we end up with many people working for the same cause. So let’s get busy now and move on to our next challenge to overcome and do it!

Blessings to all,


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Note from willowman: We will get nowhere if we keep feeding the powers that were, by going to work, paying the mortgage, paying the Banks (oops slipped in a swear word there sorry), we must STOP playing along with there stupid rules and regulations and Laws, its ALL one Huge power game to them, they don’t care if we Starve, or Die, get ill with there chemical shit from the Drug dealers (Doctors) who are slaves to the World Health Organization (WHO).. Let us all step out of the Box and burn it…


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