A Message from Anne DeHart


Anne DeHart

My Dear Beloved Hollow Earth Family

The time has come.

It is time for each of us to KNOW our Selves.

As the last frantic postings are forwarded, and re-forwarded, it can get a bit hectic and, at the very least… confusing.

In my humble opinion … enough.  Each of us has our very own Heart-Mind Connection with All That Is … with our own personal All-That-Is, also known as our Higher Self.  We can open this communication in a heartbeat… it is always there for us and will never lead us astray.

We have learned all that we can from others.  Now is the time to APPLY.  Stop the frantic searching and questioning.  ALLOW our Beloved God-Mind to guide us into our very own perfect connection … no outside influences. 

There is only ONE Truth.  And we all have access to It.
Enter this Sacred Space in loving Humility and Gratitude.  LOVE binds us.  LOVE answers our every question.  LOVE holds us dear, forever.  Our only task?  BE in LOVE.

Be at Peace, my dear little “chicks.”

And, to explain to  those of you who are new to our Hollow Earth Family … since it was I who named our connection “Hollow Earth Network” —  which many of you shortened to HEN … I just could not help but start signing these love-letters to you as “Mom.”  So, in case you wondered, and didn’t know this history … yes, I do feel like your very own Mother Hen … my love is boundless for each of you.

And with that, I find nothing more to say.  I will be spending these next two days communicating with my own Higher Self … allowing this infusion of blessed energy do for me all that it can do.   I do hope you will be doing the same.

It is time.

We no longer need frantic messages and questions.  We only need our Selves.

I do love each of you so much,

Mother Hen
Hollow Earth Network

Source: Hollow Earth Network

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About Andy

I live in Bonnie Scotland and am retired now, I was an Information Technology Teacher and CISCO Lecturer for most of my career. I also taught at my own school in Hong Kong. I have flown around the World two times both East and West. Invented a computerized fishing reel and patented it way back in 1982, practiced throwing a boomerang outside of Alice Springs Australia etc., etc., I now enjoy playing guitar and jamming with my mates, as well as tending to my blog. Lots of memories... .. . experiences... .. . and life in the NOW.
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One Response to A Message from Anne DeHart

  1. ilonca84 says:

    I love this. I especially loved this part: “Stop the frantic searching and questioning.” Today, that exact thought came to me, I realized everything I am seeking is already within me, but it’s almost as if I’m holding onto the frantic searching and questioning to avoid what I really should be doing. When I start to frantically worry too much though about what I “should” be doing, I stop and relax into that voice or it relaxes into me maybe I should say, there becomes this calmness and this realization that each moment, each day I am doing what am supposed to be doing as long as I am awake while doing it….

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