5th Dimensional Awareness – “The Living Mediation”

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Posted by Jacob on Tuesday Dec, 25th

8999Accessing your Divine Willpower once again must be a goal of your immediate future so that you can move out of your current illusory manifest experience and once again rejoice into the higher frequencies that are already part of this world. Willpower is what drives you to move forward from one moment to the next, but this is a Brain-Based Programmed description. What you need is your Divine Willpower which is your connection to your Highest (GOD)Self, or your KNOWING and you must combine your Divine Willpower with your Deliberate Intent which is your connection to your Higher (SOUL)Self, or your FEELING in order to create a new state of BEING. And in your reconnection to the KNOWING of your Sacred Mind and the FEELING of your Sacred Heart, you will begin resonating Love once again back into your every “Now Moment” experience. 

And Unconditional Love is balancing the Highest Self/SPIRIT(KNOWING) with the Higher Self/SOUL(FEELING) and then bringing those inner/higher dimensional aspects down into your incarnate nature, creating a Trinity of KNOWING, FEELING & BEING or in other words, SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY. This state of “BEING” is Unconditional Love Incarnate! Mastering this Trinity within as a “Living Meditation” will bring your personal ascension process rapidly forward! But you MUST rise above the old Brain-Based Programming, summon your Divine Willpower, once again THINKING through the Sacred Mind and then begin FEELING with your Deliberate Intent of the Sacred Heart before you can truly begin manifesting a different outcome from your current stagnation in which you find yourself recycling those very same energetic patterns again and again, one day after another. You are NOT a robot! Why do you accept that “bad dream” as your fate?! YOU choose your experience! You must detach from those programmed labels stating that you are anything less than an infinitely powerful creator being and return to your natural state of BEING once again. And when you are present in that “Now Moment” you really and truly are BEING; an unconditional loving Trinity of KNOWING, FEELING & BEING.

And in this state of BEING, in Unconditional Love, you will also find that you have regained your Faith, which will then begin returning to your daily experience, not only Faith in your connection to your Higher Self/SOUL, but especially Faith in your connection to your Highest Self/SPIRIT/God. This “Living Meditation” is a state of BEING in balance with ALL THAT IS and ALL THAT YOU ARE and in practice, this can be achieved in your every “Now Moment” as your natural state of BEING/Becoming a Cosmic Being.

All my love and adoration, Jacob

Source: divinewillpower.com

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