13 Chakras – Human Energy Field

These chakras are now being remodeled to allow for the assimilation of fifth dimensional energy that is to come.

Base Situated between the pubic bone and coccyx
Related to physical energy and the will to live. Survival issues.
Cellular strength, energy through the cells, life force. Spine, Kidneys.
Color – Red Endocrine – Adrenals  

Sacral Situated in the lower abdomen area
Related to sexual energy – quality and quantity
Disease of the reproductive system
Self love/victim consciousness
Color – Orange Endocrine – Ovaries/Gonads

Pancreas Situated in the navel area.
Related to an individual’s sense of power and unique place in the
Universe. Grounded emotional well-being
Digestive disturbance, disturbance of personal power and strength of will. Self-determination and self-discipline.
Color – Yellow Endocrine – Pancreas

Core Star Situated in the centre of one’s being.
The core essence – above the naval and below the diaphragm.
For any situation that has caused the core light of a person to be dimmed; guilt, shame, fear, inadequacy, impotence of action.
Color – Gold Endocrine – Pancreas

Lower Heart Situated at the xiphisternum or free end bone of the rib cage.
Organizes physical energy exchange between the upper heart chakra and the lower chakras. Heart and lung conditions, energy problems, circulatory problems, chronic fatigue.
Color – olive Heart and Lungs

Heart Situated in the center of the sternum.
Physical issues relating to the heart and lungs, emotional heart
trauma, grief, loss, loss of love, depression, inter-relationships,
Love of self, love of others.
Color – emerald green

Thymus A small endocrine gland situated behind the upper part of the breast bone. Immune system. Chronic disease conditions, viral and bacterial illness, debilitation, emotional trauma, shock, grief, regret, attack on self. Autoimmune diseases. Lack of forgiveness of self.
Color – jade Endocrine gland – immune system.

Throat Situated at the base of the neck.
Inability to express and communicate one’s truth. Abandonment and rejection issues. Thyroid problems, calcium deficiency, osteoporosis, laryngitis, bronchitis, colds, lack of peace and centeredness. Trust of self and others.
Color – Turquoise Endocrine – Thyroid gland – metabolism control.

Tongue/Senses Situated at the tip of the chin.
Spiritual protection. Lack of faith, emotional strength to see it through. Trust in self and in spiritual protection. To regenerate the strength of the soul to overcome.
Color – Sapphire

Cerebellum Situated at the rear of the skull. Connected to balance and the ears. Muscular control of the body. Vertigo.
Color – Royal Blue

Third Eye Situated between the eyes at the third eye. Old 6th chakra
For creation and manifestation
Inner sight/sixth sense/spiritual development
Color – Indigo Endocrine – pituitary gland

Crown Situated at the top of the head.
To do with Divine Knowing – knowing oneself as God.
Input of incoming energies.
Color – Violet/White Endocrine gland – pineal

The Eighth (or Thirteenth) Chakra situated above the head is the connection point to higher dimensional spiritual energies.

Source: www.judysatori.com

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