Shift Your Vibrations – Manifest You Desires

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There is a good chance that your vibrations do not match your desires if you are having troubles using the Law of Attraction. In this article, I’m going to show you how to emit the right vibration that actually matches your desire. This is important because if your desire does not match the vibration that you emit, there is little to no chance of it manifesting into your reality.

Everything is Made Up of Energy

First, it must be clear to you that everything in this universe is made of energy. It all vibrates at a certain level therefore making all matter a vibration. Sound, light, even colors are vibrations.

Let me give you an example. The color yellow has a different vibration from green. The reason is because they have different frequencies. Those frequencies when picked up by our eyes are then decoded by our brain for us to be able to distinguish their difference.

Now how is this all related to the Law of Attraction? The Law of Attraction states that in order for you to have that which you desire, your thought of that desire must be in line with how you feel or your emotions. As everything else in this universe, our thoughts and emotions are vibrations as well.

Your Thoughts and Emotions Must be at a Matching Frequency

For the universe to decode your thoughts and respond to them, the vibrational frequency of your thoughts and emotions must be alike. You must be aware of this at all times for you to gain full control of the reality you are living in.

If most the time you are feeling negative emotions like hate, anger, guilt, fear, worry, jealousy, or doubt towards someone or something, the universe will put more people, situations, and events into your life that will give you the same feeling – or even worse. It’s what you attracted by using your thoughts and emotions after all.

Negative emotions can never help in matching your thoughts with your desires. At all times, you must feel positive emotions for you to be able to empower the thought of your desire, level your thoughts and emotions at a matching vibrational frequency, and manifest that desire into your reality in record speed.

Shifting Your Vibration

Now, to be able to shift your vibration, you must simply be aware of your emotions. How do you feel most throughout the day? What kind of emotions do you transmit to the universe? If you feel that you have been exuding negative emotions most of the time, you will have to find a way to turn that around.

You can go to a quiet place, to your favorite hangout, listen to your favorite music, or whatever it is that you want to do to make you feel good. And when you are already feeling good, always make it your immediate goal to feel better. If you are always exuding positive emotions instead of negative ones, then you are always in line with your desire.

There is a lot more to the Law of Attraction than what is discussed in this article. Shifting your vibrations for you to be able to manifest your desires is just one of the basics of the Law of Attraction – go ahead and start attracting all the knowledge you are going to need to you.

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