High Council of Orion message for 18th Feb 13

Greetings dear ones we are the High Council of Orion and we come to guide and support as many of you are now moving rapidly in vibration and this is causing many of you to become frustrated as your head tries to negate that which the heart accepts. We guide this is a “normal” part of the harmonisation and ascension process for the head was always to play catch up as it were to that which sits at the seat of YOUr SOUL.  

We are here with you as you read our words and many of you are now able to FEEL our energies around YOU as you read and digest these very human words. The ability to go beyond human words now opens up for a huge percentage of the human race for ALL elevate in vibration at this time, the new energies working to release the denser patterns that exist within YOUr human vehicle, this allows the new LIGHT codings to be anchored more freely by those who are now fully within the harmonisation process.

Dear ones we are here to guide further on the resetting of the human vehicle for many of you are now able to anchor TRUTH in relation to the physical make up of the vehicle into which you have incarnated. We send you much love and many blessings for anchoring this information and we guide that this will begin to occur for every human who goes through the harmonisation process, it is needed in order to regain balance for you are not “just” energy any more than you are “just” your human vehicle. Harmonisation is thus the balancing of both parts of SELF in order to anchor further TRUTH.

As the human vehicle begins to anchor more LIGHT and the codings begin to take effect then the actual experience of planet earth will naturally shift and evolve. It is this shifting and evolving that is now being anchored at a human conscious level and this is what your human logical brain is now attempting to accept. Often it will dismiss out of hand the energetic changes and this has shown itself as many different symptoms as the human vehicle attempted to regain balance with the logical brain trying to interpret this logically. As you move through the harmonisation process it becomes easier and easier for the human vehicle to anchor the LIGHT codings and the symptoms that you may have experienced at the start of this process may now fall away completely.

We guide now in relation to further information that will now be channelled across the planet and the need to allow this to sit within your energy signature in order to allow the human logical brain to digest all that is shared. The human logical brain function in the new earth energies is to allow the confirmation of all that is known at SOUL level. As you work through the harmonisation process and begin to work with the knowledge that is stored at the seat of your SOUL then you will progress to integrating this information more rapidly. To begin with you may find it challenging but allowing the human conscious part of SELF to interact with the information at its own pace will see this challenge diminish and then disappear.

We guide for YOU to understand dear ones this IS a process, a process that you undergo in order to come back into balance and clarity at a GALACTIC level for you may appear to be in human form, that is what is required of this planet of its inhabitants, that they incarnate into human vehicles, but at a SOUL level you are beyond human, this in itself is information that many may find challenging but we ask for you to allow this to sit within your energy signature and be shown as TRUTH.

TRUST in SELF dear ones for you have incarnated onto this planet for a reason, allow this reason to be shown to YOU from WITHIN SELF. The reason for your incarnation is contained with the heart space, you have incarnated onto a planet with teachings that have sought to negate the heart space and the journey back to SELF is the harmonisation and cleansing process that you now go through. This process will see TRUTH anchored within SELF to new levels and will change your human life experience beyond anything that your human logical brain could ever imagine hence the movement is done at a pace guided by your SOUL.

We are here to guide those who are able to remember in order that they remain in focus and clarity and to help those who are now on the verge of remembering who they are in TRUTH to remember. We will guide more in due course, we guide through our channel at this time for reference only for she will now move to other duties here on planet earth that may involve her channeling other energies that may challenge those who are not ready to accept TRUTH.

We ask that you understand her need to move into position for she is a channel but she is also here in here role of translator of ALL. This will be shown in TRUTH in due course. We ask that the role of channel be understood at a GALACTIC level for many look to channels and see different to SELF, every human vehicle has the ability to channel energy dear ones for that is how you communicate with your SOUL, the channels have become muddied by the teachings of distortion, the process that you now undertake as a race will see these channels cleared and cleansed and a new level of knowledge anchored upon planet earth. Those of you who can FEEL our words will understand our words from the heart space. LISTEN to the guidance of your SOUL dear ones for your SOUL is TRUTH as YOU ARE TRUTH.

We are the High Council of Orion and we walk with you as we have always walked with YOU. Now many within the human race will begin to remember at deepening levels, dear ones all that you have ever known sits at the seat of your SOUL. To remember you need only go within and allow the human logical mind to anchor that WHICH YOU ALREADY KNOW IN TRUTH.

We walk with you as you now move into and through the harmonisation process beginning to prepare the human vehicle for the full ascension process. This ascension process will unfold naturally as you move to anchor more LIGHT and process the coding that is sent within this LIGHT. We are your brothers and sisters in TRUTH and we now call out to those who can remember in TRUTH.

The NEW EARTH is now born, it is now being anchored and will be populated in TRUTH. Let go of all that you have been taught is TRUTH in order to remember why you are here and why you have incarnated into this timeline and dimension. The human race now moves in its evolution and expands in its consciousness. TRUST and FAITH in SELF dear ones will elevate your beyond where you have ever gone before in this YOUr human form. TRUST for ALL JUST IS as YOU ARE.
copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved
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Posted by Karen Doonan

Source: The Galactic Portal

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