Amuna Ra – Message from Metatron: Opening to the Opportunities of the Fourth Dimension

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Channeler: Amuna Ra


Message from Metatron


channelled by Amuna Ra

15 February 2013

Dearest ones, tune into your breathing and let yourself feel the ebb and flow of the breath in your bodies. Follow your breathing as it slows and deepens and you will reach a relaxed alpha state very soon. From this beautifully relaxed and comfortable state of being you will be able to enter the 4th Dimension in full consciousness, and feel it all around you, for you live and move and have your being in both the 3rd and 4th Dimensions at this time. It is only your habitual thoughts which make you expect things to be as they used to be in the world around you, only your habitual thoughts, dear ones.  

Heed our words here, for when you are able to free your thought life and empty your mind, you will perceive what it is like in the 4th Dimension, where there is no time as you experience it in the 3rd Dimension, which operates with logical linear time and 3 dimensional space. There is no time, only an eternal present moment. Everything is in the present moment, the now. There is no space as you habitually conceive of space between things creating distance, for example. You only have to think of somewhere else in order to be there in your consciousness. It is instant, no time needed and no distance to travel.

Try it now, dear ones, think of a beautiful and distant place that you have fond memories of. Focus your mind upon this far-off place and imagine it strongly, see the colours, feel the textures, hear the sounds all around you and smell the distinctive scents of this place. In your consciousness, dear ones, you are fully there, are you not? Watch and see what changes in the scene before you, when you let it move and unfold in your imagination. Is this not a real experience in your consciousness? And is your consciousness not real for you? It is of course real for you, for some even more real than the exterior world.

For all of you, when you do an exercise such as this, you experience the power of your consciousness and the validity of your imagination. This is the way it is in the 4th Dimension, which is often termed the World of Imagination, the Imaginal World. It contains both images and magic. The images in your consciousness, willed into being by your intention and focus come to life magically and move of their own accord. If you ask a question of the scene before you, perhaps wondering how it develops, you will instantly experience the development.

Try it, dear ones, return to that same scene you viewed a moment ago, and ask either what developed out of it, or what caused it to come about, what went before. Let your curiosity lead you in your question, for you must desire to know the answer. Ask and you will know, you will know the answer to your question, it will be unmistakeably before your inner vision. … …

All depends on the power of your focus, and the intensity of your desire to know. You are a creative being, and in the malleable fluid substance of this realm of the 4th Dimension, the World of Imagination, all will move and reform according to your desire and what you will, what you intend in your deepest motivation. This is why all the Mystery Schools train their students in purifying their emotional bodies and their wills.

And those who have already done this work upon themselves and prepared themselves to be a fit instrument to move through the Astral Worlds of the 4th Dimension will do so with ease, and little confusion at all. To them, the realities behind the appearances will be revealed, for there is no longer a veil between the worlds. For they have trained their lives of thought so as to be in command of their own thoughts and refined their emotional lives, so that they know themselves so well that they recognise what originates within their own consciousness and what intrudes from the consciousness of another being. Thus can they instantly determine what belongs to them and what belongs to another.

This strength is most needed to navigate the 4th Dimension with ease, for when it is lacking then the consciousness is buffeted like being in a bad dream, where the most unpredictable things can occur without your having any control over it. This is not a desirable state of affairs, for it leaves you cast adrift on the astral waves and unable to steer in any direction. It can be a most unnerving experience.

Fortunately, dear ones, there are those who have trodden this path before you and trained themselves to be able to withstand what may come against you, and to control and transmute it to their will, that is, their will for the greatest good of all, for none achieve these heights unless they have dedicated their personal will to the greatest good. These are the Way Showers and Teachers of the Path, and you may recognise them by their steadfastness and kindliness and by the love in their hearts. Yet are these heights the aim of all humankind: the goal of being human is to rise to your highest potential, that of becoming a co-creator alongside the angelic hierarchies and the star beings, of recognising that you are a divine creator being in the core of your own self.

To reach this goal you will need to realise that you have the capacity to transform yourself, simply by taking the decision to do so, and taking one step after the other, and keeping on going forward. When you put out the call to the universe for assistance in this process of spiritual transformation in a truly selfless manner, you are heard and the response always comes. Though some may not at first recognise the response, for it can come in the form of a trial. It can seem as if you have been deserted by the spiritual forces, even by your own guides,  when the test is to stand on your own feet and act out of your own perceptions. For how can you ever rise to your fullest potential if you are unable to act without a higher authority?

You must become truly sovereign, sovereign over your own self. You command your will, and do only what you have decided to do, rather than being influenced by those around you, or subliminally by the television and the internet. You command your thoughts and decide what you will think about, rather than letting thoughts tumble unbidden through your mind in a ceaseless chatter. And you command your life of feeling, rather than being taken out of yourself as you are when filled with emotion, which means ‘moving out of yourself,’ does it not? Real feeling is quieter and deeper than the surface emotions.

You may ask how is it possible to do these things? You can train yourself in each area through a series of simple exercises, such as are given in all traditional spiritual paths. And just as when you are learning to play a musical instrument, you start with simple notes and exercises to gain mastery over your body and train it to do your will and become a competent musician, so can you start to train your life of thoughts, your will and your feeling life through a series of exercises which systematically build the capacity for mastery over yourself, so you may become a competent creator being who can be relied upon to create what is intended for the Highest Good and not run amok with chaotic creations because the practice was never put in to achieve a real competence.

This was always important in all spiritual systems in the past, it is vital that it is taken with all seriousness now by all who wish to become true Lightworkers. For now that you are working simultaneously in the 3rd and 4th Dimensions, you need to be able to control your feelings and thoughts and will, so that you do not inadvertently create chaos because of your wild responses to situations, or indeed do real damage in the Astral Worlds. For a creator being is powerful indeed, and the substance of the 4th Dimension responds with lightening speed to the will and feeling of the beings who have access to these realms. Have you realised the responsibility before you, dear Lightworkers? Many of you have taken this on board, and have accepted the necessity of cleaning their own house before acting outwardly.

These souls are willingly working on what is left of their un-worked-through baggage, and releasing it, and they are assisted at all times as soon as they recognise the urgent need to do this work upon themselves. When baggage is let go of, the burden put down, then energy is released in great quantities that was previously trapped in the old issues. This energy is what carries you forward with alacrity, dear ones, into the New Earth. New meetings will yield much fruit. You will begin to find those you can work with without hiding who you are or feeling you don’t quite fit in. For it is essential to shine in your own light and be who you are, this new being who is being revealed, who does not need to hang back in fear, for in the New Earth all have their place, all are needed to contribute just what they have to bring, just how they are.

And this process is speeding up, dear ones, carrying you all with it in its inexorable flow towards the Light. So when you go with the flow, and show you are willing to learn to play your own instrument to its most beautiful potential, then you will receive all the assistance you need to accomplish this in the shortest time possible. And did we not speak earlier about how linear time is non-existent in the 4th Dimension? This means that when you commit yourselves to this path of purification and preparing yourselves to be a creator being for the Highest Good, it can happen in 4th Dimensional reality and as if in a twinkling of the eye in the old 3D world. What is all important is your willingness to transmute all that is within you that no longer is needed. It will become harder and harder to hold onto anything which is unfitted for the higher dimensions, and easier and easier to shed what burdens you. All that is required is the genuine desire to do so. For your wish is your command, dearest ones. Take this most seriously.

Metatron, 15 February 2013

Channeller: Amuna Ra



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