When They Come

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Part 126

When They Come, Just Hop On
No Time for Hesitation

March 6 2013
“When time stands still, it will be the beginning of the new era. When this momentous event arrives, it will be the end of the preparations you have been encouraged to take part in – the clearing away of old dark feelings, and freeing yourselves from the obsession with material possessions. The time for those efforts is nearing an end; whatever changes in your consciousness you have needed to make must be completed soon, for Gaia herself has taken another step toward the completion of her Ascension, and when she does, those of you who have evolved to higher planes of consciousness will be lifted, en masse, from the place where you stand, to join your Brothers and Sisters in the ships which await you.  

“It is a simple process, from your point of view, but one which requires your active participation. All the Masters and Guides will be easily lifted to their positions of service on the ships – they are in synchrony, in their bodies and minds, with the higher vibration of the ships. Others may require a period of acclimation, the three days of sleep you have heard about. Children too will be lulled into a quiet state so that they can be moved to safe surroundings without any trauma to them.

“It is important that you understand the level of technology as well as the level of spiritual development which your Star family possesses. There are records and computer techniques which allow them to know where each one of you is at every given moment because of your unique energy signature which is beamed outward from your inner soul. It will allow all family members to be identified and reunited once you are safely on the ships.

There is one challenge which you must overcome in order to be safely carried to the ships. The energy level of the levitation beam is of a high vibrational energy. It will not be possible for anyone who is deeply invested in Dark energy – fear, greed, selfishness, hatred, self-absorption, an attraction to power over others – to tolerate the high vibration of the beam.

“In order to withstand the power of the beam, you must not become fearful or suspicious. If you hesitate to step calmly into the beam of Light which will lift you upward, you will risk being left to deal with the cleansing of Gaia, which will include tremendous shifts, earthquakes, floods and upheavals of the surface of the planet. This is why all souls are being invited to Ascend with Us in peace, to begin anew. You will learn to acclimate to a life of Love, peace and companionship as you have never experienced it before.

“Those who refuse our invitation will miss out on the great opportunity to be a part of the New Golden Age on Gaia, which will take root when you are returned in joy to your dear planet, without remnants of the destructive civilization you have left behind.

“This is not any form of judgement or punishment from any Higher Being. Each one must choose the level of vibration in which they live. This choice will determine where they will spend their next period of soul development – whether reincarnation on a planet which is in line with their vibration at the time of the Departure from Gaia where they will continue the difficult challenges and misery as they have known it on Gaia in 3D, or whether they will move smoothly into the life of change and education in the ways of Light on the ships, in very pleasant and loving surroundings.

“This is why we have been so eager to teach you through this forum of messages to you, so that you will all have the opportunity to awaken, reclaim your place in the Light, and turn your back on fear and the destructive ideas of lack, unhappiness, hostility and depression you have struggled under for eons.

“Lift yourselves, Children, out of the quagmire of sadness, illness, pain and frustration which has become so familiar to you that you think it is “Life.” Look up, see the ships waiting to welcome you with Unconditional Love, for they too are our Children, and they have learned well the traumas inherent in a materially-governed life. Reach out to Us and we will embrace you with Love. We do not care what crimes – real or imagined – you might have committed in this life. We welcome you with open arms as soon as you turn toward us and receive Light.

“Open your hearts and your minds to receive the healing Light which will wash away old fears, old shame, and the dreadful misconceptions you have been taught to believe. Any belief which engenders fear is not of our making. It has never been our wish to see our Children suffer, to be consumed with guilt, shame and self-hatred. These are the teachings of those institutions which call themselves “the one and only Church.” We have not established any Church, nor encouraged worship which requires suffering of any kind. We do hear your prayers of gratitude for the gifts of Life and Love, and we rejoice because we know it means you will find joy in your days.

“You have made the recent natural disasters on Gaia an opportunity to be of service, and it has lifted your hearts and raised the vibration of entire areas of the globe, but Gaia cannot hold back her need to cleanse and release the Darkness she has toiled under for thousands of years. She has served as provider, supporter and Mother to all the human race and all the Kingdoms of Life for thousands of years. She has provided the proving ground for soul evolution for her children faithfully and at great sacrifice. She must now be granted the cleansing of toxic energies and substances, and the thought patterns of Darkness which have been grounded and accumulating in her body for the last three civilizations.

“So, Our Children, have no fear, but prepare yourselves as for a graduation banquet. You will be celebrated with great joy when your arrival on the ships marks the beginning of a New Era. Help those around you to dismiss old fear and to look toward the future with hope and Loving anticipation. Remember: Abide by the Universal Law – “What you think about – all of it – you will become. What you feel you will create, and what you dream will become your reality, here on Earth and beyond.”

“We are your Loving Mother/Father God, with all the Legions of Light who serve you in this momentous time of transition.”

Via Kathryn May, Mar. 6, 2013, 10 PM

Source: whoneedslight.org

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