Message from SaLuSa

As Channeled by Mike Quinsey

The world is still in a state of turmoil, but we see all progressing as intended to bring about the results that are required to move you firmly onto the path of the New Age. The old systems and ways of duality are being shown up for what they are, having been a means of keeping you under control. They must be removed, or changed if any part of them are going to be able to remain in the higher vibrations. Some of the changes happen quite naturally, but some situations are man made and need extra attention if they are to be broken down. Restoring your sovereignty is one such area, and it needs legal means to change laws that were introduced to take away your rights. It will take time and best attended to when governmental changes have taken place. Much revolves around this change and be assured that the means to achieve it have already been put in place.  

What many of you are already realizing is that following the upliftment of the 21st. December, that there is a noticeable change in people’s attitude to each other. Also that the awakening has led to more of them banding together in the best interests of everyone. Authorities are now being taken to task over issues that affect you all and your standard of living. You are beginning to understand that you have been manipulated and abused by those in power. It has been a deliberate policy, and but for your enlightenment would have ended with your total imprisonment. That may sound far fetched, but the Illuminati have worked towards that goal for millennia of time.

The future was foreseen and the forces of Light were also given a goal to reach to ensure that the Illuminati never reached theirs. You might say it was never going to be a real contest as the Light will always be the winner in such circumstances. However, it has not been without its cost to Humanity and even lives have been sacrificed, and bear in mind that you all freely offered your services. In real terms the experiences have speeded up your evolution, so what you have given of yourselves has not been in vain or without its value. Indeed, you have been to the depths of darkness and are now well on your way back to the levels where only the Light can exist.

Within the next few years you are going to see wonderful changes that will eventually bring to you the “promised land” and you will live in crystal cities of Light, purity and cleanliness that will be a permanent feature. It means that you will work through several exciting stages of change to reach that level, and able to move from your reliance on fossil fuels to free energy. It is already coming into existence, but first those opposing such changes must be moved out of the way to stop their interference.

When matters reach the stage of enabling us to come out openly to be with you, your friends of the Inner Earth can also meet you and another important period in your evolution will begin. You will be making up for lost time very rapidly, and becoming the Galactic Being that you really are and were before you agreed to experience the lower vibrations. With all of these changes comes a great happiness just to be alive, and life will be fulfilling and give much satisfaction. In fact you will soon be so focused on your new experiences that your time in duality will quickly fade into the background.

Death as such will no longer be an issue as you will decide when you wish to move into another experience. Changing bodies will be as simple as putting another set of clothing on. Which brings up the point that as your creative powers grow, you will “think” yourself into whatever way you wish to appear. All of these advances will give you so much more time to yourself, and “work” as you understand it will not be something you have to do to survive. Neither will it take up as much of your time as at present. It will be more a matter of doing what pleases you and brings you satisfaction. Eventually there will be no money involved, as that will have long been dispensed with and that is where a society works together for the benefit of all. All of your needs are provided for and many of them can be “thought” into being as and when you need them.

Dear Ones, we are aware that some of you still feel let down that outwardly nothing happened on the 21st. December, but more took place than was apparent and there has been no let up in our help to bring matters to a wonderful conclusion. In reality all happens at exactly the correct time, and since we live in the “Now” we do not share the same experiences that you do. Let go of time as it is no longer reliable and has never been constant. Go with the flow and allow things to come to you where possible and you will find you can rely on your intuition much more. Understand that there will come a point where you will be able to travel by pure thought, and instantaneously. The present, past and future will be all one and once you are Galactic Beings you will be able travel beyond your own Universe if that is your desire.

Some of you get so tied up with earthly matters that you forget where your future will take you. We do not make light of your problems, but please have faith that all will work out to give you the experience you need to evolve. If you view it as unpleasant stop to think what lesson is in it for you. Duality may be finishing up, but you have not yet completely cut your ties with it. There is also karma that has still to be played out, and it is all part of your personal cleansing. See it for what it is and then put it behind you. if it involves other people who you may feel carry some blame for it, please set judgment aside and forgive all those involved. Nothing happens in your lives without good reason, so accept what comes up with grace and a good heart.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and pleased that you are continuing to work at your own upliftment, and putting into practice what you have learnt. The speed of your growth into the Light is remarkable, and by doing so each individual is helping lift up all other souls. You are of a collective consciousness and when it reaches critical mass you will have the most wonderful experience of Ascension. It is ongoing and you have lost nothing by preparing for it, and in fact gained much. Keep your intent strong to reach fulfillment and you will get there with ease.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and feel blessed to have this communication with you. I send it with Love and Light on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Source: Galactic Channelings

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I live in Bonnie Scotland and am retired now, I was an Information Technology Teacher and CISCO Lecturer for most of my career. I also taught at my own school in Hong Kong. I have flown around the World two times both East and West. Invented a computerized fishing reel and patented it way back in 1982, practiced throwing a boomerang outside of Alice Springs Australia etc., etc., I now enjoy playing guitar and jamming with my mates, as well as tending to my blog. Lots of memories... .. . experiences... .. . and life in the NOW.
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One Response to Message from SaLuSa

  1. Abhimanyu says:

    More food for multidimensional tghuhot *Salusa. After days of asking me, I decided to give Salusa his wish of giving a message through me* 7 November 2011 ~ Channeler: Petra MargolisI have to admit I was very hesitant to do this channeling as I generally speaking do not really like the Salusa channelings I see out there and needed a bit more information than just, I am a 5th dimensional being from a royal family of Sirius.After days of looking within, and discussing this with Isis and Kuthumi I decided to give Salusa his wish of me working within him to channel his message through me.I did not ask anything about the messages others are channeling as it is not up to me to get more information about what is being channeled on those subjects within those messages.I did ask Salusa about the part of being a 5th dimensional being and part of the royal family on sirius. And he answered that just like us he has been incarnating in many different civilizations and this was only one of his incarnations. His name Salusa is part of his Source name.Salusa~First of all I would like to thank my channel as I know she is still not completely happy with this, but I do need someone that is on a different frequency at this time and the options are limited.Let me explain this to you, many of the messages received on a daily basis are updates that go out through our transmission system.They are transmitted on many different frequencies, much like the system humans have sent out in space with the information about the human race in many different languages and formats.I am responsible for many of these transmissions but am not the only one as we have a group that compiles the information as needed and we adjust the information as needed each time.Now much of the messages that are coming out each day are only part of the transmission. The problem we have is that much of what is on the transmission can be translated in many different ways as it is not within your language.The transmissions are going out through the entire universe to update all that are involved with the ascension of the earth, but also the universe and all that are within the universe. The updates are not only pertaining to earth but also what is happening within other star systems within your universe.Now as we come to a time where we can assist even more in different ways we would like to see more channels that are capable and not afraid of bringing out certain information.First I would like to start with some of what you have been looking for and I think you know most of this already.Nibiru, yes it is a spaceship and yes the commander is Devin, he is accompanied by a friend of yours as you know. As we move further to the rest of the story, it is a fabricated story, fabricated by Devin and some of his partners on earth.They have placed this part within your timeline, it was implanted in the ones that were on this timeline at that moment. As you have three main timelines running on earth and many have been incarnating on several of them only a part of the humans on earth at this moment have the memories of this fabricated history within them.Many of them have aspects still living within this part of the timeline and this is why it is interfering and keeps them convinced that the fabricated history is true.There are several other points within your timeline that have these fabricated historical events. As well as some historical events are within other time lines or have been replaced with these fabricated events. Some parts of history are actually not to be found within any timeline.I know many of you are looking for the Garden of Eden and Shambhala for instance.There are places on earth that connect to this and you have already started working in returning them from the different spaces in time.There is much more as recent as the history of Egypt and the lifetime of Jesus.Changes have been made to these parts of the timelines and many were implanted with a history that was not theirs. Reason why you see so many Mary Magdalene’s and so forth.The new 11-11-11 portal opening is one of great importance but many are not seeing the real importance as they are so much focused on changing their physical reality.At this moment in time we would like to shift the focus from physical to spiritual to a point where both can become one.This is the portal where there will be an opening in to the other two main time lines. These lines are almost like little roots and have some sidelines to them but the main lines are simultaneously walking within your time line experience and time frame. This is where many aspects of your incarnational experiences can be retrieved. These aspects will have much history within them, but like your time line they also have some fabricated history.There have been several times where the time lines were joined together and split again so there is a lot to go through. It will take some time, but as you learn to travel between them and connect with them you will see a consciousness change that is of great importance as it comes to the spiritual world.There are many points within those timelines where the veils are thin or not there and this is where you will be able to bring in the spiritual reality more into the physical reality as you start to gather these aspects of your being. This is also of great importance to the return of Shambhala and many other parts of the earth that are needed for you to reconnect fully with the spiritual aspects of your being, as well as starting the full merger of your spiritual being with your physical being.Many have memories and are already connecting with the memories within them, now is the time to reconnect the memories with the real experience of those times to start the consciousness change fully.The problem we have at this moment is that many remember but do not know how to connect and bring in those aspects. There is some talk about time lines but many are not using them properly. They jump in between them, and some have become very good at this, but many are not aware or open enough to realize that this is not just about jumping, it is about relearning your history and bringing it back with them.The earth grid within the earth at this moment runs through all three time lines. This is not actually one grid, but many grids put together by machines, transformers, some are physical others are energetic. The understanding of this grid is very important as it has been used for control and diversion.To become a creator you need to understand the mechanics of creation in the past, in the now and in the future. This is a time of learning how to become the creators you have been in the past, how you create in the now and how to create a new future. For many this seems like a simple intent, but in reality it is a bit more as intent, and what many have, hope for the future, is not full creation and using your full creational abilities.This is why clarity of vision is very important for those that would like to do more than be a bystander within the new reality that is being created for the new earth. Creation is action as is explained by many, inaction does not lead to any changes. Creation also requires you to ask yourself why you are doing it and then find the how on what to do.There is no ONE creator within this universe as we are ALL creators.Many have a different understanding of the aspects of creation and have not yet retained their memory of their creator being. As each being within your universe is part of the creation process and the universe moves forward it is a time of anticipation and many are at a standstill as their planets have already ascended.The difference here is that earth is ascending with physical beings upon her, this is unprecedented within this universe, but also within other universes.This ascension of the earth is a process that has been tried many times and has been interfered with just as many times. Especially since the earth has so many living beings upon her which makes it easier to interfere as much of the ascension process is reliant upon the ones living upon the earth.As much of the process of ascension is reliant upon what the ones on earth can do for the earth to assist in clearing and raising the frequency of the earth.This is why we are here to give you more information as we have assisted in the process of ascension for other planets. We know what is needed for the earth planet, even though there are still some parts that we have never dealt with before. Like the ascension of so many physical beings. Ascension up until this point has been done in either small groups, or each being by his or herself. At this moment many of the humans on earth are not ready to ascend beyond the physical body and release all limitations and attachment to the physical body.Only a small group is working on this and they are ones that we count on to open the portal needed for the ascension. They are being prepared for this and they are the ones doing the most difficult work of clearing within the earth as well as bringing back many aspects of the earth as they are spread out through the time lines.The support is coming from those that are ready to move into the 5th dimensional realities, but this group is not as easy to inform as they do not have enough clarity, or awareness to receive the full process and action to support the earth that is required of them.Our only other way of informing is through channels that are willing to receive and bring our messages to the public. Relying upon channels is not our most preferred way as we would like to see more humans with an openness and awareness that allows them to receive the process of ascension from within. This is however not possible with many as their memories, attachments, belief systems and emotions that are connected to all of these are standing in the way of a full awakening within most of them.This is a very special project and it is close to everyone’s heart as each and every being knows that change is needed. How to make this change happen is something that many are still learning about and with the interference from what is happening on the outside and within every human it is something that is not going to be easy.It involves the creational parts of many beings that know what to do and how and when to do this. Many are influenced by memories that are not even real and this is where much of what is being done is also interference with the process of ascension of the earth. This is why we are in need of clear channels that are not afraid to go against the established beliefs and attachments as well as memories that many have from previous incarnations.I will leave for now with the question to my channel to take another message when she is ready.

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