Part 140, Family Court Travesties – Dark Injustice in Hiding

by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 04/08/13

Today we want to tell you about the difficult things that are still happening on your planet.  Your dear channel is in the midst of discovering the underbelly of the family court system because of a court case that has come into her professional life.  She is passing on to you information we give her to reveal as we can, but until now we did not wish to put her in jeopardy by publicizing anything that might prevent her from being seen as completely objective in her work.  

For these reasons, we wish to begin with this disclaimer:  What we are going to tell you is not coming to you from Dr. May.  In fact, she would not have asked for this to be presented here, but we are bringing it forth because of the large audience of very dedicated Lightworkers who have subscribed to this publication.  We trust that all of you will rally behind the work that is being done now by those who are dedicated to protecting women and children and who need boots on the ground to publicize, record, and witness what is being done in the family court systems.

Here is the problem, in brief.  The family court system is not really a legal court system.  It operates outside the criminal court system with which you are familiar.  There are no juries; one judge generally presides over hearings in which life and death decisions are frequently made behind closed doors and in judge’s chambers with lawyers who may or may not represent their clients’ best interests.  The complete corruption in the system was sealed when a bonus initiative was instituted in which everyone involved – social workers, adoption agencies, judges, and especially the powerful Child Protective Services agencies are given cash bonuses for placing children in foster care and then putting them up for adoption.  You cannot guess how many children have suddenly entered the system through no fault of the parents.

Babies have become a valuable commodity, objects of value in the world market.  As infertility rates rise and wealthy couples become desperate to adopt children, an enormous child-snatching business has arisen to fill the need.  It does not matter how the child is acquired; in fact, healthy and attractive children are prime targets.  Kidnapping with the full knowledge of traffickers inside the legal system, in collusion with law enforcement, has become a tremendously lucrative practice.

Expert witnesses are paid enormous amounts of money by the litigants and the courts (at taxpayers’ expense) to testify for one or the other party, with the most powerful testimony often going to the highest bidder.  Little concern for truth or for the welfare of children is shown in this heavily-biased extra-legal process.

Here are just some of the players in the chain of abuse:  doctors who are paid to report every case of child injury, regardless of the cause; court appointed psychologists and psychiatrists who have no real familiarity with the parent or parents under suspicion, but who will create a devastating report for the highest bidder;  social workers and judges who are callously and belligerently determined to exercise their prejudice against  women in favor of the men, even in the face of clear evidence of sexual or physical abuse; police who take orders from the CPS workers (or ACS, as it is called in NYC) whose financial interest lies in removing children from parents and getting them into foster care; police who are biased in favor of forcibly removing children from their families with nothing more than the opinion of a social worker to back up the order; lawyers who garner large bribes or bonuses for doing nothing to defend a client, and the list goes on.

You may be thinking:  but what about the drug-addicted mothers who should not be given custody of their children?  Yes, there are some such cases.  Those are the cases which would be best served by real psychological services and community support, not jail time.  But the true concern is not for the children, because often foster care is as bad or worse than the original family, and under the current arrangement, there need not be any proof whatsoever that the mother is abusive for the children to be taken from her forcibly.  In fact, just the allegation of some sort of abuse by a disgruntled ex-husband or jealous spouse can embroil the woman in years of jail time, endless court battles, financial ruin, and the ultimate heartbreak of losing her children.

The most heart-wrenching of all are the cases of courageous mothers who try to fight to protect their children from the abuse of a powerful or wealthy husband, whose influence can easily buy ownership of the children.  What could be more devastating to a mother than to see her children “given” to a man she knows will sexually molest or viciously beat them?

You may be shaking your heads – why would this happen?  Is it possible that everyone in the court system is cruel or on the take?  We can tell you that yes, it is possible because the system is self-selecting.  Those honest and idealistic social workers and lawyers who enter the system with honorable intentions are not welcome where bribes and lies are the order of the day.  They will be treated the same way the innocent victims are, and many will be fired or driven out of their jobs because they are seen as the enemy to the profitable and completely insular Mafia-style organizations.

Yes, it is truly a horrifying specter.  It is the lowest rung, the underbelly of a cultural process of valuing money above all else – even the well-being and sanity of a mother and her children.  It was inevitable that the Darkness of greed and power would filter down to the systems which deal with the most vulnerable of all citizens, those with the least power and the most to lose.

So you see, as Lightworkers everywhere prepare for Ascension, and as the high-profile criminals are being exposed, the Dark Side has gone underground, concentrating its power in the most hidden corners of the social process.

What are you to do about this?  How can you do anything to stop such a secret and hidden process?  We assure you that there is a great deal you can do.  It is only possible for the Dark Players – many of them the Wannabes who envy the power of the more gilded CEOs and political heavyweights – to continue to operate “under the radar” as long as no one is watching.  So we ask you all to do just that – watch, and watch carefully.

Join with groups of activists who act as witnesses to the proceedings of family courts.  Go to your local courthouse when family cases are being heard and watch carefully, with your third eye wide open and your heart as your guide.  Do not listen to the words of “expert” witnesses, but sense the energy of each of the players in the case.  Who is emitting Light, and who is grandstanding?  Which is humble and distressed with genuine powerful emotion and which is haughty, arrogant and slick?  Is the judge a prima donna hoping for a TV show, or is he/she sensitive, kind, and attentive?

You do not have to be versed in the law to sense when a travesty of justice is in the works.  You, the enlightened readers of these messages, are the ones who have the Heart to detect what is wrong.  You are also the ones who know how to reach out to find the other Lightworkers who can help to write and publish about the most perversely dishonest cases, or help the victims by reaching out to them.

These atrocities do not need to continue.  A legal system which allows a newborn to be wrenched from its mother’s breast immediately after birth because of a suspicion that an older child might have been injured must not be allowed to stand.  There are ways to stop the horror.  The first is to do what you know how to do best:  Bring Light to the situation and to the people who are struggling under the weight of an impossible system.

It has been said that the family court system is the present-day incarnation of the medieval Inquisition courts.  This is true.  It is the same system which allowed witch-burnings.  It remains in many countries under the names of Sharia law, or honor killing, or God’s will, or kangaroo court, and it remains in the United States and other Western countries under cover of the innocent sounding title of “family law.”

There are people organizing to stop the abuse.  Anyone familiar with how to file a motion can help to redress the terrible injustices which are being allowed to continue daily.  There are now so many cases of false convictions and illegal proceedings that you can find hundreds of stories and dozens of organizations (read with a discerning eye) across the internet.  Search “family court injustice” or “child-snatching” or “child trafficking” to get a sense of the pervasiveness of the problem.  Go to The Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts (FCVFC.ORG) to report cases of blatant injustice, and to donate to the work of exposing the injustices and beginning a new phase in the care of children and families.

Why should the decisions about whether a child has been tortured and abused be decided by one judge rather than a jury, as would be done in any other criminal case?  And why should one corrupt judge who may know little and care less about psychological issues affecting the children who have been assigned to the abusive parent be allowed to continue on the bench after dozens of cases have been decided in favor of the abuser, in spite of clear evidence that the child is in danger?

There are corollary issues you may not even be aware of.  Since prisons were privatized, yes, meaning there are stockholders and CEO’s profiting from the incarceration of prisoners.  You are aware of the fact that in most cases judges have the latitude to decide how long the prison term should be after conviction.  One crooked judge can become wealthy as a king by simply handing down the longest possible sentences – thereby keeping the cells filled and the workrooms producing products for sale at market prices.  It is slave labor at its best.  The workers can earn 23 cents per hour, and the products – far more sophisticated production systems than the old days of license plates only – earn a handsome profit for the prison owners at the local chain store malls.

Since they are private industries, little oversight is provided or required as it would be in government-run facilities.  Food service, therefore, can be degraded to the cheapest possible GMO products, manufactured in the least nutritious but most profitable and convenient ways. These private institutions were established during the free-market free-for-all which assumed that competition would correct for inferior products and practices, but what competition does a state prison have? Does the local boarding school lunch program or the college campus cafeteria provide more nutritious meals?  and should the inmates avail themselves of those meals instead?  No, the inmates are more likely to be served maggot-infested food and nutritionally inferior waste products than not, because good food is expensive and therefore unprofitable.  Do exorbitant prices at the “company store” find corrective competition when no outside clothing, toiletries or food products are permitted? (Search: “privatized prisons”).

All in all, the attitudes of punishment, greed, arrogance and disregard for human values have combined to create a bottomless pit of injustice and suffering just behind the flimsy curtain which has obscured secret proceedings throughout the family court systems in most of the countries of the world.  In the U.S., which prides itself on being governed by Constitutional Law, it is time for the citizens to wake up and realize that there is nothing Constitutional about the way justice is being dispensed for the most vulnerable and dependent of all – the children.  The future of the society, and the Ascension process as a part of that process, requires that you sweep clean the social and legal systems which have traumatized children by allowing the Dark Ones to control the process.

You have studied and scrutinized the financial systems, for fear of losing control of your money.  Have you cared as much about the care and supervision of the children?  It is time for each of you to awaken and take up this cause which will bear such precious fruit with a small but steady push to reform from each and every one of you. Your own children will benefit by living in a world where the needs and emotional development of a child is a holy responsibility, possibly the most important issue before the community.

For those of you who have asked “What can I do?” here is the answer:  you can pick up the banner and do your part.  We look forward to the blaze of Light you will produce when you do.

Your Loving Mother/Father God,

Via Kathryn May, April 9, 2013, 12 AM.

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