Ashtar Speaks – Gaia talks about the actual transition period

Ashtar Speaks


new earth 4 (1)Gaia talks about the actual transition period

Channel: Philipp
April 8, 2013

Gaia speaks:

I thank Ashtar for giving me the opportunity to speak to you through him.

I am Gaia. I am your Mother, who holds you and is there for you. Your development was carried by me. I have shepherded you, sheltered you and assisted you to gather your experiences. What you have achieved is astonishing. We were not certain if you would be able to change course and make your way back into the Light, as we had hoped. But you have managed it and we congratulate you wholeheartedly!  

My Heart is giddy with pleasure and my Love for you is overwhelming. I am proud of you. Your development will now progress much quicker. Although you see disturbances on the outside that could convince you of the opposite, please be assured that everything is going as scheduled. You are positioned on the way back to the Light, so at this point let us talk about this.

In the meantime you should know that you have brought about the current transition phase and that Heaven has given consent. This short period will not take years – we are talking about months in your timing. During this period more of your brothers and sisters will have the opportunity to board the ship with the name “Ascension”. This fact alone should show you what mighty and loving Beings you are.

In this transition phase it is all about integrating even more Love. Everything that belongs to the old energy will be brought to the surface, to enable you to transform the remaining old energy. This leads to consequences inside and outside of you that might to some extent be quite uncomfortable for you. Let it happen and accept it – this is a sign that you are indeed changing.

The most important fact that you need to know during this transition, is that Heaven will never allow any new global conflicts to break out. The situation may appear alarming, with new conflicts erupting and the old ones intensifying everywhere on my surface. However, when you observe these conflicts, examine them with your heart and you will realise that none of them in itself has the potential to prevent our journey together.

Heaven has decreed that we will return to the higher dimensions, and nothing is going to happen which could derail or torpedo this decree. These negative energies now appearing are to be dissolved, so do not fear them. Our destination is Divinely decreed and we will achieve it all together, each in his time.

As has been reported, I as a Light Being, have already arrived in the fifth dimension. From a multi-dimensional perspective, I am already the planet that flourishes with beauty and no more low vibrational energies. You are still in the intermediate phase, in the transition. On the one hand you have already reached the end of your third dimensional experience, but you have not yet reached the final destination. By holding up and emanating your Light, Beloved Lightworkers, you will attract your fellow man. In this way you help them to free themselves from the shackles of the third dimension and to harmonize vibrationally with me.

What awaits you at the end of your current path? Me! I expect you in a dimension where Love is not a difficult word to define. You will need no more words to describe Love, for you will be Love. Unconditional Love is your goal. This means that your Love is free from any conditions, and you love All-That-Is so much that you are constantly overflowing with joy, happiness and well-being. From this elevated state you will derive your energy.

You are already beginning to feel that Love – not yet permanent as will soon be the case – but more and more. This energetic boost helps to release you from the old shackles and is the reason why ancient, hidden patterns are brought to the surface for transformation.

Co-existence in the fifth dimension is supported by the mutual Love. Your whole focus is exclusively on Love. From this focus you will co-create the paradise that I am already, but which you have not yet entered.

If you’re now thinking that this will take many centuries, I can reassure you that once you have managed to raise your vibrations – to discard the old energies like a coat – everything will progress very fast. You will encounter no more stones on your path, which you have to put aside first. All pull together and keep the same goal in mind. By consolidating your efforts you will succeed, in a manner that you would not have dared to dream about even some time ago.

All the promises that were made ​​to you by your Light siblings can then manifest. Your energetic uplift is the precondition for all the new technologies, social changes and your personal development. It is important that you understand that this uplift must be achieved first and completed, before the changes that you have so much craved for can take place in the outside. And you are working on this in the Now and you do this with much passion and even greater success.

It is this uplift of your energies that is the precondition for the reunion of my several realms. I am not just speaking about my inner realms that we have talked about before. I am also talking about the natural and animal kingdoms, which adjourned behind the veil a long time ago while eagerly looking forward to being able to communicate and to interact openly and consciously with you again.

Did you not ask yourself, why legends exist about elves, fairies, hobgoblins and dwarfs? You were told that these are all bedtime stories without any truth – fabricated for your entertainment. Nothing could be further from the truth, as the realms of dwarfs, elves and fairies exist, in the same way as does your human Kingdom.

For truly, wonders await you. Your delight will be unlimited, when you can encompass these wonders. We are all looking forward to this time!

The long wait is reaching its end. Do not let your efforts weaken. Send Love and be Love. This is the basis of everything you can do to let the developments happen, as we all desire.

If you would know how much I love you. I am your Mother. My soul is Gaia. You are my children, that I protect and love. How much I am looking forward to the day when you all recognize that. And this day is near – very near.

In deepest, boundless love,
Your Gaia


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1 Response to Ashtar Speaks – Gaia talks about the actual transition period

  1. Ines Radman says:

    If heaven will not allow any more conflicts to break out, then why are they breaking out. I am a believer in higher power, higher self recognition and entities that claim to be from Source. I do not recognize entities that claim to have come or are coming to help us. I don’t see anyone in this ascension community mentioning Free Will, interference with our Free Will and intervening in our Free Will. That can be as much as contact like this through a channel, what does it do? For starters, it interferes with our free will because someone has just entered my reality and started to communicate with me without asking for permission first. We need to be really careful “what” the message is behind these channelings, are they empowering, do they teach us of our true history, or do we just sit back and wait for them to do all the work for us, such as this entity claims. Just something to think about, I too am seeking and searching for truth and do not claim to know the whole truth, but I do know that I am a sovereign being and that interfering with my sovereignty is not allowed. It’s not what I agreed upon when incarnating here. We all came here, we all agreed to come under the condition that our memories would be erased the moment we were born. Our challenge in this time line is to remember who we are and return to source. These entities more or less are interfering with our experiment, slowing us down, confusing us, if you look at the channels who claim to be from higher dimensional beings, ALL their messages are different. So why the confusion? Because it’s their game plan to confuse us not to enlighten us.
    So these are the very questions we need to ask and contemplate when we are accepting someone else’s truth, that is all we are doing, believing someone else and accepting their words as our truth.

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