Alice Fredenham sings My Funny Valentine

Note from Andy… This very beautiful lady has the most stunning voice I have ever heard. from Britain’s Got Talent.


Alice Fredenham sings My Funny Valentine

** “Alice Fredenham was very shy and unsecure on the stage. She did not even tell anyone from her friends or family that she was taking part on the show. She thought is better that they do not know as she did not want to embarrass herself”.

“Then she got ready to sing. Her voice filled the stage and everyone is left speechless through the whole performance. What a performance it was !
When it finished all the public and the judges stood up applauding her”.

Video source: YouTube

** Source:

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I live in Bonnie Scotland and am retired now, I was an Information Technology Teacher and CISCO Lecturer for most of my career. I also taught at my own school in Hong Kong. I have flown around the World two times both East and West. Invented a computerized fishing reel and patented it way back in 1982, practiced throwing a boomerang outside of Alice Springs Australia etc., etc., I now enjoy playing guitar and jamming with my mates, as well as tending to my blog. Lots of memories... .. . experiences... .. . and life in the NOW.
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One Response to Alice Fredenham sings My Funny Valentine

  1. Bill Gallagher says:

    Thank you for sharing Alice’s angelic voice. I keep encountering these gifted souls, that are confirming my awareness that Gaia is being populated with ascended beings, higher dimensional beings. This offers great optimism that darkness and dualism is diminishing. Humanity is catching glimpses of Light and the Oneness of life that lifts our hearts in love. Thank you, again. A light seeker, Bill Gallagher

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