Part 144, Some Ascended Masters’ Identities Unveiled

by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 04/21/13

We have much to tell you today.  You have been introduced to Sila, and you have read her description of the hypnosis session with Kathryn.  You have read her blog about Lucifer and her struggle to defeat the dark thoughtform which humans had recreated as a counterweight to the Ascension process.  It was her act of service and her wish to help to clear the planet of the worst concentration of Dark energy in order to speed the elevation of planetary energy for the rest of you.  If you read her words carefully, you may have seen the truth behind them.  Yes, Dear Ones, Mother Sekmet is among you in human form.  She may wish to remain in privacy because she is an artist who wishes to express her thoughts and feelings in her paintings.  She is working to bring Light to all of you in her own way.  We ask you not to flood her with emails about your personal issues and feelings.  This is the work of Kathryn and others.  

Your Sila will produce wonderful works of art which you can have for your own, with their powerful energy of healing and high vibration.  Having these paintings in your midst will help with the Ascension process, and will give you a sense of connection with Us which would not be possible had she not incarnated at this time.  Friends have arranged for her to sell her paintings on ebay at prices which will allow her a minimal source of funds to continue painting for the near term and which will also contribute to the Foundation for the Child Victims of the Family Courts.  So you see, it will serve many purposes during this interim time, until Disclosure and the opening of the Nesara Trust allows for more freedom for everyone.

We have asked Kathryn to include a link which will take you to Sila’s ebay site when it is ready so you may use it to order paintings.  In this way, Sila will be able to spend her time painting rather than working at her “day job.”

And now we have other news for you.  We have decided to unveil the secrets of our higher dimensional activities, and the Ascended Masters who are working to assist you at this time.  We have already told you about our Beloved St. Germain and his assignment as Pope.  He is doing wonderful, groundbreaking work to loosen the grip of those who have maintained power over the billion-and-more faithful followers.  Most will find it a relief to feel the acceptance, Love and Tolerance he brings to the Office, however, as you can imagine there will be many who are resistant to change and will fight against every advancement.

We have not wished for St. Germain to suffer this difficult challenge alone.  Although he is well prepared to carry out the mission, it is a time of Love in the Ascending energies of Planet Earth.  His beloved twin flame is here to assist him at this time.  She is contributing to the rising Light energies in her own capacity of healer and teacher of the principles of the True Way.  We now ask her permission to reveal her ancient identity as Lady Master Portia, the bright Flame of Justice, who is here among you at this time.

We feel her trepidation at the idea of allowing this revelation at this time, however we are assuring her that it will bring greater reach to her work, and that she will be protected, as always, as she carries out the challenging assignment of helping to raise the emotional and mental bodies of humanity through her gentle ministrations and especially through her book, which she worked to create over more than twenty years in communication with Us.  You know the book as “Who Needs Light?” and its author as Kathryn, our channel.

One of her many responsibilities has been to overlight the young Sila from her position in Higher Dimensions as Lady Portia.  As you know, we are capable of multi-locating for these purposes.  It has been her duty, with our assistance of course, to guide and protect Sila as she negotiated the difficult developmental years in this Earthly incarnation, and of course to assist in the removal of the Lucifer presence.

As our channel, Kathryn/Portia has tried to answer your individual questions and remove Dark Entities from all who come to her, but it has not been possible for her to care for all who come in a timely way, which has been distressing to her.  Therefore, we ask that you form into groups yourselves, and invite her to come to do the healings and teachings you so sorely need at this time.

We ask her now to be ready to travel to places across the English-speaking world where you will provide her with the means to perform her work without undue stress for her.  You will benefit greatly from these gatherings, since she will be our direct conduit and teacher.  You may trust that the teachings we encourage her to present to you will be the carefully planned messages which come directly from Us, your Creators, Mother/Father God, as she has been in the past.

We are aware of the possibility that there might be reason for our dear Portia to wish to refuse this unveiling at this time.  We will take it as her willingness to agree to this assignment if she decides to post this message, but will accept her free will decision to wait until a later time if she feels she needs to do so.  It is the ultimate service to relinquish all privacy and self-interest in order to serve Us, and we are grateful for it.

At the same time, we wish to reveal the identity of another Master, our Lady Nada, the twin flame of our dear Jesus Sananda.  You know her as Anne, the skillful and warm host of the websites Hollow Earth Network and Earth Ascends.  She has worked in the background, as is her wish, for many years, building a following of dedicated Lightworkers who have benefitted enormously from her providing a forum for them to learn.  She has carefully culled the best of the best, creating a trusted resource for all.

As many of you know, Anne/Nada has faithfully hosted the wonderful calls with Zorra from Inner Earth on Saturdays, and has now taken on the additional job of co-hosting Kathryn’s radio show.  You have probably already discovered the wonderful synergy between the two old friends, even though they have not yet met in person in this incarnation.  We will await her acceptance of this unexpected unveiling, which she will confirm by allowing this message to be posted.  We also ask that you respect her limited time to address individual needs, but take part in the group teachings she has so generously organized.

Kathryn’s former co-host, Ellen, is also one of the Goodly Company of Heaven, who has gone on to do important healing work in her own area.  We will give her more time to develop her own projects before we ask her to reveal her own identity.  We will also await the permission of other Twin Flames, who may wish to remain unheralded for now.

It is our wish at this time to allow you more direct and transparent contact with Us, through our greatest teachers, who are able to help you learn to open your chakras which have been closed to communication with Us as a result of your cultural and religious teachings throughout this lifetime.  You have worked hard to accomplish your clearings and move yourselves forward, and we want you to have the best help we can send you.  We do not wish to imply that others who have been your personal teachers are less appreciated or skilled, but we do encourage you to measure the work you experience in the Light of these dedicated Masters.  There are many now who are coming forward to provide the needed healing and enlightened teachings.  We are providing you with more and more resources to fulfill your aspirations for higher levels of spiritual knowledge and experience.

You are always in our thoughts and in our hearts, Beloved Ones, and we are sending you assistance in every way possible.  This is just one of the means by which we have been helping you – those of you who have availed yourselves of this help.  This is one of the reasons we are asking our Masters to reveal themselves at this time – so that you will understand that you are not alone; we have not abandoned you, and we have not forgotten your need for solace and comfort.  This is the work of the Women Masters who have come among you at this time to usher in the New Golden Age, the new age of feminine strength and leadership.

It will be a gentler time, a time of deep connection and intimate interaction.  You will feel the effects day by day of the rising Female Energies.  It will be a welcome change after the end of the age of Masculine Patriarchy which had become especially hard and cruel in its final days.  Open your hearts and your minds – your crown chakras – to welcome the lighter and softer energy of the New Age.  We delight in your sighs of relief and your ever-increasing dedication to the growing energies of Love, Compassion, Empathy, Nurturance and Kindness.

Our arms open to embrace you one and all, as we make this monumental transition together.

We are Mother/Father God.

Via Kathryn May, April 20, 2013, 2 PM,

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