Part 150, The Dream Fulfilled, a New Era Begins

by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 05/02/13

Well, it is a fabulous evening in the Eastern U.S.  The weather is calm and warm, everything is in bloom, and we are so very excited for tomorrow!  Yes, tomorrow, May 3, is another landmark day on Planet Earth.  You have been watching the Hearings for Disclosure intently, as many hours as you can spare, and we are delighted to see the democratic process in action.  The content is perhaps not at the level of our discussions here, but they are genuinely good people, making an enormous contribution to forward the progress of their culture and to free everyone intellectually and spiritually.  

The level of understanding about the implications of Disclosure is varied, of course.  Many express 3D fears relating to the loss of oil as it relates to jobs, and the shift in what people are familiar with causing panic.  We are not worried about panic in regard to extraterrestrial life.  Most of you have by now seen the ships and know that if they were a danger, it would have been felt long ago.

A note on some of the concerns, especially about abductions and cattle mutilations.  You have probably concluded by now that this evidence is so incongruous with the character and behavior of our dear Ashtar and his Galactic Fleet that it must be something fishy.  Of course you would be right.  These are more “false flag” operations to create fear of extraterrestrials so that the people would replenish the coffers of the cabal to produce more elaborate and expensive weaponry to “defend” planet Earth.

We assure you that no Federation ship has EVER come to Earth to sample anyone’s DNA or rape anyone’s daughter.  These sinister acts have indeed been performed by the Dark Ones whose technology mimics those of the Ashtar Command sufficiently to fool the abductees into believing they have been abducted by alien creatures, when in fact they are actually Earth-based factions operating out of underground bases – highly developed cities and laboratories where space treasures from the downed ships at Roswell and elsewhere have been reverse-engineered.

Now, another mention of false information.  There is a message circulating which is supposedly written by Cosmic Awareness.  We are very familiar with these messages from previous times, and acknowledge the accuracy of past messages.  However, this one is odd in its content, unlike Us in its tone, and clearly not written by a high level Being.  Here is a lesson in how to tell the difference.

The message is a philosophical argument based on 3D thinking.  We do not have to assess and add up the total of a person’s actions to know what is in their hearts.  We can see it at any moment by the amount, color, and level of Light a person emits.  Their aura tells all.
The description of the writer’s method of reasoning to a conclusion is deductive – reducing a list of actions to its lowest common denominator and coming to a conclusion thereby.  This is a classic “scientific” approach, using only what is obvious to the five senses.  We have access to deeper evidence.
The writer shows no familiarity with the hierarchy of Heaven, or any knowledge of the Sirius Council of Nine, of which Obama is a member.  Anyone in higher dimensions is familiar with this group and its good work on behalf of Gaia.
The tone is one of derision, thinly disguised with “gracious” comments about Obama’s “unrealized potential.”  It is judgmental, in spite of trying to sound generous and magnanimous.  We do not judge, neither do we slander individuals.  We have pointed out destructive acts and Dark organizations in order to warn you, to educate you and to keep you abreast of things going on which you had no way of learning, because the sources of information have been kept from you.  We do not critique and judge and make conclusions for you about evidence that is obvious and easily available in the mainstream media.  We leave that to you to judge yourselves.
You have by now been given enough information to be able to form a bigger picture of the events as they have developed throughout the history of your planet.  Many of the Ascended Masters have come through Kathryn and others to teach you about the Darkness We are all now working to sweep away as you move to higher vibrational levels.  Use the resources we have given you here to be discerning.
Use your heart and your intuition to “read” between the lines of the many messages available to you on the internet.  Do not read everything you can find and try to average them.  Be discriminating.  There are many channels who have very recently been “hacked.” Yes, it is possible to break in and “plant” a message if the channel is not paying close attention to the energy of the Being they are channeling. They may then accurately transcribe a false message.

Yes, it is a volatile time for all.  The cabal is on the run, and is especially interested in attacking the high level Lightworkers.  They are aware of those with the greatest readership and reach, and they know how to play on vulnerabilities.  They will make their play, just as the Dark Ones in your neighborhood, your businesses and your
families may do, to “pull a fast one” when you are not looking.  Stay on your toes, keep your Faith alive, and know that Faith is not an intellectual exercise in following the right set of rules.  It is more than a state of mind or a feeling of expansive Love-buzz.  There is at its depths always a feeling of love for the other.  Unconditional Love operates in an outward direction as well as in a sense of self-acceptance and worthiness.

It has been a long and difficult trek since Sanat Kumara proclaimed his belief that Earth could indeed be rescued from dissolution.  It was a profoundly Dark time, when no individuals were left on Earth who had any connection to their Creators.  It was the beloved Sanat Kumara who offered to hold the balance of Light for the Earth so that Jesus Sananda and the band of volunteers who, inspired by the one who is often called “The Ancient of Days,” agreed to come to Gaia, to little by little restore the Divine connection between Us and humankind.

Throughout these long millennia, that original band of Lightworkers, who were called the Elohim, numbering only 144,000, have worked to raise the level of consciousness and the culture of the planet by bringing inspired teaching, art, music, literature and architecture, healing practices, agricultural and technological advances, all with a level of Heart-centered dedication which raised the bar for the developing human race with each passing century.  By incarnating on Gaia, wearing the human form, they have helped to raise the vibration within the body, thereby helping to change the DNA in themselves and their off-spring.  By the power of their Light energy, they have inspired and raised the consciousness of those around them.

It has been a process of absolute dedication, complete cooperation and endurance.  The goal was nothing less than to help create a new race, shaped and molded step-by-step through a consciously directed evolutionary process based in the power of Love.

This has never before been attempted in the Universe.  You, the souls and bodies of our Creation, have taken responsibility for creating and shaping yourselves in our image, reaching for ever higher levels of perfection.  This was not a process which depended upon the grossly invasive interventions like gene-splicing or forced species-mixing as was used by the Reptilians who chose to remake themselves into ever darker beings.

Your promise was to create this magnificent change by the force of your wills and the strength of your hearts.  With the raw materials you were given – a complex human form of intricate and potentially brilliant creative potential, and the Love and dedication of a beautiful and nurturing Mother Earth – you have attempted the “impossible,” and now you have reached a new level.

Today is your birthday, in the greatest sense of the word.  You have raised your level of group consciousness and are within a hair’s breadth of accomplishing the transition which Sanat Kumara and Sananda and all the Angels and Masters have worked toward – the ascension to a level of consciousness which will qualify you to be welcomed into the Intergalactic Federation as the youngest planet, and the first to achieve her transition by the “bootstrap” method you have so bravely and so rigorously adhered to.

You see, this is the contract we were bound to uphold from the beginning, as was our agreement with Sanat, Sananda and all the Elohim who so boldly endured through massive setbacks, vicious invasions by the Dark Ones, and yes, at times, unbearable pain and suffering.  But you have persevered, and you have triumphed.  The point has been reached which we foresaw with the greatest hope.

You have surmounted your own hurdles and reached the bar you set so many eons ago.  In doing that, you earned the assistance of your Star Brothers and Sisters, who have watched your progress over the entire process with hope, dread, wonder, much symbolic nail-biting, and occasional despair, but now the whole-hearted tone is one of jubilation.  We celebrate you, Dear Ones.  You have only a glimmer of what you have done, but we see it clearly and we toast you with gratitude and admiration.

Tomorrow will dawn one of the brightest and most fascinating days of your lives, and every tomorrow from now on will bring more and more Light.

We love you all beyond words,
Your Mother/Father God

Via Kathryn May, May 2, 2013, 11 PM.


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One Response to Part 150, The Dream Fulfilled, a New Era Begins

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is the 3rd and I fail to see that anything different has occurred. Unfortunately, I have not been able to listen to the proceedings but hope to do so eventually. What bothers me is that we are told that most people have by now seen the ships and that simply is not true. I have not and I do not know anyone here who claims to have seen them. I have tried to be positive about what we have been told concerning the Galactic Federation’s appearance on earth but when it does not occur, more and more doubt develops which is justified. Once they arrive, if they do, that will totally change my feelings. To be told repeatedly that certain events are to occur and they do not, it becomes increasingly difficult to believe that they will, especially when one has been expecting it for years and when Dec. 2012 occurred and one did not feel any different because, unfortunately, their consciousness was not high enough, is sad and discouraging. It is an unreasonable expectation and even unfair to expect faith, faith, faith, when nothing outstanding occurs. One begins to feel like a fool. I believe in the Will of Divine Creator, but we certainly are not doing enough to fulfill that Will and it is clear that there is not sufficient “Tough Love” being exercised against the bad guys.

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