10 Signs You’re at the End of Your Energy Road

Jennifer-Hoffmana message from Jennifer Hoffman
Monday, 6 May, 2013 (posted 7 May, 2013)

How are you doing after last week? It was definitely challenging, a watershed moment in the ascension process. We opened a long-dormant portal to 5D energy on Friday, May 3, just in time for this week’s 2nd eclipse in our current cycle of three. I think the rest of the month is going to be pretty interesting on a global scale. In the 2013 predictions (which you can read here) I wrote that in May a lot of secrets would be uncovered and this possibly includes the disclosure movement, which insists that governments reveal the truth about ET knowledge, collusion and collaboration. There is a lot we have not been told and when the truth is revealed, it will be a huge surprise to many people about how much is happening and how long it has been going on.  

With the opening of this new portal we now have full access to 5D energy, which is going to create some disturbances in our lives. This is a collision between duality and one-ness, polarity and connection, love and fear. It doesn’t have to be a collision, it can be an integration but collision-force change is barreling down the pike now and it will soon be all too clear, to more and more people, that the 3D paradigms are no longer going to function as they did before.

You will see this in your life too, as you will read in this week’s message, “10 Ways to Know You’re at the End of Your Energy Road.” You can read the full article on the blog and see whether your life has run out of gas. Celebrate it because it means you’re ready to integrate new energy. Stay in your intention for what you want in your life, that’s how we create energy for change in the world. I believe that we are in the period the bible describes as the ‘end of days’ and it doesn’t have to be the fire and brimstone prophecies of the past. We have the ability to create any reality we desire, so it is important for us to stay focused on our most powerful, joyful, peaceful and fulfilling intentions. We can be “filled full” of anything we want, so why not make it the best and most wonderful things we can think of?

You can read the 2013 predictions here if you have not read them yet and learn more about the potential of this year and why this period is feeling so overwhelming at times.

10 Signs You’re at the End of Your Energy Road

I could have called this article ’10 ways to know that your life is out of gas’ because that is what being at the end of an energy road feels like, a car that has run out of gas and isn’t going anywhere. This just means that the path you are on has no more energy for you and there is no more than can be created in that energetic space because you’re now at a different energy level. If you read my Facebook page, I posted a few days ago that we all assisted in opening and activating an energy portal this week, one that has been around, but dormant, for eons. With this new energy portal we have access to so many new and different frequencies which will make you more aware of the limitations of your current path and realize that so much more is available to you. You’re at the end of your energy road and it’s time to consider changing from unleaded to rocket fuel.

It’s a little like living in a comfortable, ordinary home and visiting a huge mansion, like the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. When you return to your home it suddenly looks very small and not too fancy. When we are faced with new frequencies that can expand our lives in many different ways, our life suddenly looks very small and limited, we see where we can make changes and wonder why we didn’t see these opportunities before. Judgment is not useful here because they were not available to us on our current energy path, but with the new frequencies, new potentials are now possible.

But how do we know that what we are seeing is possible and how can we connect with and manifest it? Are we smart, powerful, gifted, and capable enough to create new possibilities for ourselves? We are if we connect to the new energies but first, we have to disconnect from the energy path that no longer serves us because it doesn’t have the frequency or vibration to allow these new potentials to manifest. Every energetic frequency has a limit to its potential and when you achieve that level, there is no more. It’s the end of the road for that energy and it can no longer serve you as you create new aspects for your life. This also includes relationships, situations, and people in your life.

Here are the top ten ways you can know that your energy path has reached its limit, the energy in your life no longer serves you, and you’re at the end of one road, ready to embark on another one:

1. You don’t like your life any more, it feels limited and small and you know that something more fulfilling is out there for you, even though you may not know what it is yet.

2. You don’t like what you are doing with your life, which could include your job, your career, your financial situation, your relationships, or where you live. They may be feeling like energy drains too.

3. Things that used to make you happy are now things that you derive no joy from. You may not even be able to remember what being happy feels like.

4. You feel disconnected from the people around you and may not even like them any more (who they are doesn’t matter; this applies to all relationships and people, including family members). They may be avoiding you a little (or a lot), or when you are with them, the conversation feels forced and you have a hard time communicating with them.

5. You feel stuck, unable to move in any direction and you may either want change badly and are willing to move in any direction to make it happen, or are so confused that you can’t consider doing anything right now.

6. You feel unmotivated and have lost your creativity and ambition. Doing even simple, familiar things feels like you’re walking through thick mud.

7. You feel spacey, confused and your thinking is clouded. You have a hard time concentrating and focusing on the smallest things, and it seems to take a long time to get anything done.

8. You spend a lot of time daydreaming about being anywhere else but in your life in this moment.

9. There is a strong temptation to take off, run away, go off to parts unknown and leave your current life to find out what will make you happy.

10. You have the urge to clean up your living space, get rid of things you no longer want, and as you go through your belongings you are surprised at how much you are willing to let go of.

And what’s next? How do you move beyond the lack of motivation and general unhappiness that is overwhelming you now? While it may feel like your worst nightmare, this is actually your most powerful moment because your fear of change may be small in comparison to how much you want change to happen and are willing to allow it. And that is when it can happen. No matter how powerful and promising the energy’s potential, until we realize that the path we are on has no more energy for us and are willing to consider a new one, all of the energy’s potential remains pure potential.

The next step is to consider what action we can take. What have we been attached to that we can now release? What outcomes can we begin to create the foundation for now? Your dreams provide the answers to the question ‘What do I want’, so pay attention to the secret desires you harbor, the things that follow your “I wish..” declarations. We can go from unhappiness and depression to taking inspired action by knowing that when we’re depressed and unhappy, we have come to the end of an energetic path. By following the path of our dreams and hopes, a new path will begin to unfold. And by taking inspired action, we expand the potential of the new energy into the new reality for our life.

Copyright (c) 2013 by Jennifer Hoffman. All rights reserved. You may quote, translate, reprint or refer to this message if you mention the author name and include a working link to http://enlighteninglife.com

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