Part 156, The Arcturians Offer Healing Help

by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 05/14/13

We are the Arcturians.  We have come here from our home planet Arcturus to be of assistance to you.  We are one of the advanced civilizations which has moved through the Ascension process, much as you are beginning now.  We generally reside in the 7th through the 9th dimension, and see ourselves as a group working together, although we are fully capable of individual expression if we choose to experience it.  

We are now speaking as a group of healers who are interested in helping you with the recovery process as you leave the difficult lower dimensional levels by increasing your vibration, individually and as a group.

We heard the call from the one you call Kathryn to connect with us.  We were very pleased.  We know of her work channeling Mother/Father God and others, including Prime Creator.

We have an invitation for Kathryn, our colleague and messenger:  We would like to make a formal connection with you in order to facilitate our future work with you.  We are delighted to remove the dark entities you uncover.  The Reptilians you have sent away with us have all been returned to their Creator for forgiveness and DNA work to restore their capacity to respond to Light.

Yes, Beloved Friends, we have dedicated ourselves to helping the Earth project in its ascension by removing the Dark Entities which have been so troublesome for you, especially for the Lightworkers.  They are especially attracted to those who have promise as change agents in their cultures.  They were fond of – well, fond is hardly a word we could use with Reptilians, but you know what we mean – it was their intention to put a stop to positive and creative activities whenever possible.

Kathryn, this morning you removed a Reptilian entity from a woman who is an artist.  She has been unable to do her artwork because of this entity.  We are delighted to have been of assistance, because we see how talented the people you work with are, and what a contribution they can make when they are free.

Yes, we are moved to feel what you would experience as tears of joy when we are able to free a person from the terrible bounds which are imposed by a Dark Entity, especially the Reptilians, who have been aggressive in their attacks on humankind.  You and others have come to Gaia, as you call her, to help with the removal process and with the healing for those who have suffered so long with these Dark Ones.

It is a project in which many of your Star Brothers and Sisters have been involved.  Many have come forward, leaving their homes to offer to be of service in this time of need.  We are honored to do this work with you to free those who are now feeling the need to remove this troublesome Darkness from their own personhood, in order to be free at last.

Your culture has not been helpful to those who have suffered.  The treatment for these symptoms of anxiety, frustration, depression and fear which the Reptilians generate within the person has been to drug people with medications which subdue the symptoms partially, but they also interfere with the will of the person to fight off the Dark Energies.  We feel very sad when we see a kind and generous person being subdued into submission by the psychopharmacological drugs which are so profitable to their makers but so damaging to their patients.

We hope that you will post this message to your readers to inform them of the possibility that we can help them.  We stand ready with our teams of workers who are well trained in the removal of Dark Entities.  We are happy to be of service to everyone who feels what you have accurately identified as the symptoms of one who is carrying – containing – a Dark Entity.  We will review it here for your readers:

1.  You are periodically overcome by feelings of anxiety, depression, sadness or anger, or all of these, but it feels as if it is not who you really are – it is “not you” as you have known yourself over your lifetime.
2.  You are generally good natured, value your ability to be kind and considerate of others, and consider meanness to be a low level of human behavior, unacceptable to you as part of your day to day demeanor.
3.  You are longing to restore yourself to health so that you can go about doing the good work you feel you are here to do, but your “mood” disorders prevent you from doing so.
4.  You may have felt these mood shifts all your life, but they still feel strange and unacceptable to you.  If the onset of these feelings is more recent, you can probably point to a time when it began.
5.  The change in your feelings may have followed a time when you were vulnerable emotionally, because of an emotional trauma, an illness, an episode with drugs or alcohol, or a surgical procedure which required anesthesia.
6. You have adapted your life to accommodate periods of “illness,” or you have found friends and loved ones who will love you in spite of the “not yourself” behavior.
7.  You feel shame and self-judgment over the fact that you are not able to control the feelings and behavior which stem from something you do not understand.
8.  You have previously tried many forms of therapy or medical assistance to deal with this persistent problem.  You may feel a bit better, but not “cured.”

We wish to offer our services to help humankind at this time of transition and elevation of planetary energies.  It has made the presence of these Dark Energies even more apparent, because some of those who would be among the brightest and best Lightworkers are crippled by the fact that they are still burdened by these Dark Energies.

Many have called on Kathryn to help with the removal of these energies or entities (there is a difference).  We have seen the work that she does first-hand, when she calls upon us to remove the Reptilian types.  We have also seen the follow-up information and care she offers, as a part of her training as a psychologist.  The Visual Centering work she teaches is based on an ancient healing knowledge which we have used ourselves for many eons.  We are delighted to see it finally being taught on Gaia.

We wish to formally offer to join in a partnership of healing, by joining in any removal procedure Kathryn finds necessary, and we will also offer her further training in some of the most advanced healing methods we have learned throughout our experience as Galactic healers.  We hope that other healers will come forward to be trained in the Visual Centering techniques, although we understand that it is time-consuming and difficult to master.  You do tend to be impatient in what you learn, believing that a “technique” is something you can learn by being shown how to do it once.

We acknowledge that these methods are not easy, but their mastery leads to a very different life experience for the practitioner as well as the sufferers they are able to heal.  It is a time for excellence, for stretching beyond the boundaries of what your standard medical and psychological practitioners have offered.

Many of you are aware that energy healing practices are powerful alternatives to the barbaric medical treatments available in your Western world.  It is time for those practices to become the mainstream offerings for humankind, but you will need more precise practices and methods for testing results.  This part of the scientific approach to healing will remain an important element in effective and most efficient practices.

We invite your participation with us in this new approach, for you to find relief for many of the ailments which you thought were either incurable or inevitable in the life process.  We do know that health is a state of mind.  We offer our knowledge and our friendship for this time of dramatic Shifts and changes on your dear planet.  We are willing to cooperate with anyone who calls on us for help, but we do prefer to have a formal working relationship with the those who are able to comfortably channel our information and instructions in the process of doing the treatments.  This insures the safe and permanent removal of the troublesome Entities.

We look forward to continuing speedy clearing of the Dark Entities who have often been contained within the bodies, minds and hearts of the Lightworkers and Ascended Masters who came to Gaia to assist in the uplifting of others at this crucial time.  This process will assist in the overall lightening of the vibration here on the surface of Gaia, where you have become used to the feelings of fear and discontent.  It is not a normal state of Being.  We hope to offer you a pleasing alternative to your discomfort.

We are the Arcturians, your Star Brothers and Sisters, in cooperation with the Galactic Federation of Light.  We send you our Love and our Blessings.  Namaste.

Via Kathryn May, May 14, 2013, 11 pm


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  1. raj says:

    Hi kath.thank u very much for channel.we hope one day we will find a cure for all diseases. And surely affortable.

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