Part 158, A Request of Kathryn and her Readers

by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 05/19/13

Here is what we want you to do.

We are going to ask you to wear the mantle of an Ascended Master in your work.
It means that you are in training to take your place among the great Masters, and, to accomplish this Ascension of Ascensions, you must behave, think and feel like an Ascended Master in all you do.  

You realize that we gave you the title of “Lady Portia” in order to prepare you and inspire you.  We made it public so that you would not forget.  No, you are not THE Lady Portia; you are something better, for you.  There is only one Lady Master Portia, and there is only one Lady Kathryn.  Your work, your feelings and your dedication to lifting humankind by touching their hearts is very much in alignment with that of Lady Portia and her Twin Flame, St. Germain.  She has answered your call for assistance and training in the ways of God Presence, and she has gladly become your mentor and Light.  She will be with you in all you do, and will assist you in your teachings when you go out to present The True Way to the people who are so hungry for Truth.

You will continue as you have, to follow her guidance and her Loving Presence, as you take to the world the essence of what it means to be a human being living fully in Light and Love, learning the Ways of God Presence, the Universal Laws which govern all beings and entities of the Universe, even down to the smallest atom.

You have risked your reputation and your familiar, comfortable life to go out to the world with Our message.  We now ask you to be our student and teacher, by offering yourself as the messenger of our Word, as you learn and grow yourself.  You will have at your side the Masters who are ready to teach all who have prepared themselves carefully and well, as you have done.  You will present Our message in all you do, and will be asked to stretch and learn in full view of the audience who are learning with you.  You are a leader in your field and in your way of life.  We now ask you to be the example of one who learns Our Way.  In so doing, you will offer others hope, and a familiar presence who can prove to them that adhering to the principles you teach can bring fulfillment and joy beyond imagining.

You, and those who read these words, are poised on the edge of a new way of life, but it will be birthed as all good things are birthed, with the Creative Power of Light and Love.  It cannot be given to the people of Earth; it must be created.  Such is the Universal Law.  The thoughts and feelings of every human being go into creating the life they live.  It cannot be otherwise.  Those who live in Light, dedicating their thoughts and feelings to living in service to the One, will be always surrounded and nurtured by Light.  Those who allow themselves to be caught up in feelings of doubt, anger, jealousy and fear will live in a vortex of those feelings, which return to their maker in real and identifiable form.

We have told you, through the books of St. Germain, that you create the world you live in, and that your thoughts and feelings combine to make real the things you imagine.  Yes, you are the creators of your own circumstances.  Few of you have absorbed the full meaning of these words, but continue to rail against the circumstances of your lives, or sink into despondence and hopelessness with the belief that you are a helpless victim of circumstances.  You believe you must stoically bear your fate, because it is somehow given to you to suffer, and by suffering you will earn your wings.  This is a misinterpretation of the life of Jesus, who did not in fact suffer greatly.

Our Son Jesus Sananda was crucified for his actions and his challenges to those in power.  It was not to reify the suffering of crucifixion, but to demonstrate the Ascension and Resurrection which is available to all of humankind.  As the Ascended Master he was, he was able to depart from the body to raise himself back into the arms of God.  He did not suffer inordinately, except through the pain of knowing his fellowmen were capable of such cruelty.  This evidence of how far the people had strayed from the True Way was an excruciating reminder to those who loved him, and left a mark of pain on the hearts of all who lived on to reincarnate over and over on Gaia with the intention of turning this tide of hatred toward the Light.

And here you are, Dear Ones, more than two thousand years later in Earth time, at the portal of a new Golden Age.  Your dreams of peace and justice on Earth will be fulfilled, as each one of you finds peace within yourselves.  This is the teaching which we ask of Kathryn, to join with you in establishing energetic centers of peace and goodwill; gatherings where all can come to celebrate Oneness and learn the practices which bring Light and Love into the lives of all who participate.  These gatherings will be blessed by the Masters who are working diligently to hold the Light of Unconditional Love for all to be nourished and sustained by it.

It was our wish to break through the reticence in Kathryn to publicly declare herself – not just her voice – to be the teacher through whom we can send our message to all of you.  We did what you might call forcing her hand when we proclaimed her Ascended Master Portia.  The same goes for your beloved Anne, of Hollow Earth Network, who was given the crown of Nada to wear.  We wished to encourage and validate their selfless work in the service of others, not to humiliate or trouble them unnecessarily.  It is our way, sometimes, when we find that our Masters-in-Training have difficulty overcoming their reluctance to step into the Light to lead.  It is part of the training, this transition from being the one who works tirelessly in the background to being the one who will step forward to declare herself the Bearer of Light and Love – the embodiment of God in human form.

It is a difficult transition for one who has served many lifetimes as God’s servant to fill the role of being the one who takes the lead in showing The True Way by one’s public actions and speech.  You are all being pressed into service, so to speak, to fulfill the highest office of which you are capable at this time.  We do not ask you for anything beyond that which you have already been trained for.  We understand the reluctance of those who do not wish to be ridiculed or deemed strange by your family and friends.  It has been popular notion that those who present themselves as God’s representatives and even as God’s embodiment on Earth must be delusional.

Unfortunately, some who professed to be the sole representatives of our True Way have been egotistical frauds who only wished to gain fame and fortune for themselves.  They are soon revealed by their own actions, according to Universal Law.  As the energies rise, this sorting out process has speeded up, and deceit is being baldly revealed to the world.  You need not worry about being vilified by the world at large any more.  The thirst for understanding and Ascension is so great that your efforts will be rewarded by all who benefit from your example.

The lessons we wish to teach through these representatives, who have earned our trust and their position as leaders of the New Age, will be given to you in simple, understandable lessons, with the example of their own behavior to guide you.  Use your discernment – the way of the Heart – to confirm for yourselves which are the best resources and the most reliable teachers.  They have proven themselves through their humility, their selfless service and their ability to express Unconditional Love under the most difficult conditions.

This is not an easy process for some who have clung to the way of “reason” – figuring everything out by “using your head.”  The brain you have been given is indeed a powerful tool, but it is not to be used for decision-making.  Follow your hearts, and in doing so, search for the deepest reservoirs of Love within your hearts to guide you.  You will not go wrong by offering Love and Forgiveness to those around you.  This does not mean, as Kathryn has illustrated in our book, that you will give yourself over to being abused or taken advantage of.  This would be feeding “the Dark side.”  Send your love from afar to those who would hurt you, and up close to those who drink it in and flourish.

The first lesson you must absorb fully is this:  You must prepare yourself to be worthy of higher dimensional experience by lifting yourself out of the throes of doubt and negative feeling into the state of full command of your human thoughts and feelings.  Yes, by this we mean full awareness, every moment of every day, of the true meaning of your own feelings, thoughts and actions.  Mindfulness is the state of complete awareness, reached through willingness to set aside all ego and sensory temptations – the pull of old patterns – to take up your position in the center of your Being, where you are in absolute command of all you think, feel and do.

Take up the banner of Zero Tolerance for ignorance within the private boundaries of your Self.  This does not mean intolerance of your own or others’ mistakes – not at all.  It means that whenever you discover a negative aspect within yourself, you will bathe it in Love, Light and Forgiveness, until it dissolves into the Universal Ocean of Love, never to be seen again.  If it should be resurrected by your reluctant ego, bathe it again and again until it is given over, and takes on the great Light of God, and you are freed to walk in the Light unburdened and unashamed.

These are the lessons we will offer you – the path of the True Way.  You see, the Heaven on Earth you wish to experience cannot be given to any individual or group if they have not already lifted themselves to the state in which they are capable of experiencing it.  Here we will teach you how to lift yourselves, how to wear the mantle of God’s Light and Love by claiming it in a state of sincere humility and joy.

It is Universal Law that like attracts like.  As you have been told before:  Be the love you wish to see on Earth, and you will truly experience Heaven.  Be the mercy you wish to feel, and mercy will accompany you every step along your path.  Be the Light and you will be given Light.  Learn patience and all you long for will materialize at the speed of Light.

We are your Mother/Father God, in Love with all we Create.

Via Kathryn May, May 18, 2013, 4 pm, Vendee, Quebec


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  1. Janie says:

    Love you Kathryn…. we will do what we have to do to support and honor you on your path, for we ARE all ONE. ❤

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