Part 160, Phasing in the Golden Age

by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 05/24/13

You have all decided by now if you are going to join in creating the wave of energy to push the Disclosure and landings into being.  You are probably not reading this if you decided to “opt out” because you either don’t believe any of this, or you are too noncommittal to do anything to help yourself and others.  There are such people, who develop the stance of non-involvement and perfect it to such a degree that it becomes a proud way of life.  They may even give it respectable names like “skepticism” or “objectivity” or “neutrality.”  Do not be fooled by such supposedly reasonable descriptions of doing nothing when something is called for.  

Those of you who are committing yourselves to the twice-a-day meditations (only about 10 to 20 minutes a day, actually) have decided that you do not want to be left out of the greatest project ever devised.  Have you ever sung in a chorus, or taken part in a large event where many people pulled together to create a celebration that touched everyone’s heart?  It is thrilling, isn’t it?  Being one with a group, moving as one, raising your voices together, feeling the energy as it lifts everyone to a higher state of excitement and joy – there is nothing more exhilarating.

Your efforts will be even more effective if you find a way to gather a group together for your meditations.  You don’t have to rigidly hold to the time phases.  Any time will do if you want to gather a group before work, or at the end of the day.  These daily meditations are in preparation, remember, to create the world you want to live in.

These meditations are good training for you and those around you.  It helps you to learn the mindfulness that will help you to clear away the old, paranoid fear-based life expectations at the same time it creates the energetic atmosphere of Love and Light.  You will be lifting your own vibration as you send out the higher vibrational waves of energy to lift the energy on the planet.  This can only bring goodness into your lives, and peace and cooperation into your communities.

We have seen your prayer/Light on Dec. 21, and during the week of the Hearings, and during the last 4-hour meditation.  We have seen the exhilaration and commitment which lasted and carried you through the next weeks.  You are not aware of how successful these efforts really are.  Little by little, you are lifting the vibrations around you.

Now, here is our dream of the most effective possible action:  A Day of Meditation in which every single person on the planet envisions world peace and abundance, openly Loving relationships with each other and with your Galactic Brothers and Sisters, shared technologies and shared commitment to a life of Love, Light and Service for all to enjoy.  What a glorious day it will be!  The good will energies of the entire planet channeled skyward all together!

We have tried hard, through these messages and the channeled books and articles which have appeared in great numbers over the past 20 years or so, to teach you what is truly possible for you as a global community. Unfortunately, it is still a small minority of the population that is well educated about the need for complete disclosure, and the reason it is needed.  The demand for complete disclosure of all hidden documents, secret interactions with ET’s and records of the technologies developed as a result is the basis for taking back your planet from the remaining shadows of the Dark Ones who have controlled all of you through fear and brainwashing.

It is you, Dear Ones, who still fall back into the negative feelings of persecution, lack, victimization, and unmet needs.  We are sending you constant help to break free of these chains, but the “breakout” will be executed by those of you who will decide, finally, that the new Vision of a truly God-Centered existence is the culture you cannot live without any longer.

We are still going to rely on all of you to help prepare your friends and neighbors. Here will be the chance for all of you to be of service.  You will be needed to go out into the world and strike up conversations everywhere, in grocery lines, at the gas pump, in the library or the post office or the local health food store.  Remember the line from that popular movie, “Field of Dreams”?  Build it and they will come.  Create the Vision, and others will see it too.  All Revolutions are created this way.

Make some fliers and print them out on your printer.  Hand them out at the mall or the grocery store, in the spirit of joyful sharing and friendly camaraderie.  Go to the local police station, fire house and schools and talk with the people working there.  Offer to give them information about what to demand of their leaders and the media, based on the material from the Citizens’ Hearings.  Have a list of some basic “talking points,” like the names of countries who have officially proclaimed ET’s “no danger.”  We invite you to develop and share them here.  Kathryn will post them for you to copy and use.

This informational material will be extremely handy when you want to open the discussion with people who are unaware. You will be able to call your local newspapers and offer them a “scoop” by providing the background research they will need for articles demanding information about free energy, for instance.  Here is also your chance to overcome your shyness and “come out of the closet” with your spiritual knowledge.  You can even separate the information into current events, on-the-ground information and accompanying news from the Galactics which we will provide for you here.

Do you see how this kind of grassroots support will make everything so much easier?  You are no longer alone in your knowledge that ET’s are harmless.  Advertise this!  The next step is to help people understand they are your Brother and Sister Starseeds.  How surprised they will all be when they discover that most of them look very much like you.

Now, have you heard yourself thinking:  “People will think I”m nuts.  I will be the laughingstock…I can’t do that.”  That is the proof that the Darkness still has a grip on your consciousness.  Fear of ridicule was one of their most powerful tools of enslavement.  You have no need to recreate these myths by believing them yourself.  You are continuing the enslavement by thinking this way.  Shake off these fears – the timid mentality of a vulnerable child – and demand what you know has been your birthright for thousands of years.

Instead of recreating 3D childhood fears (however vivid they may be when you focus on them), turn your third eye Vision to the picture of how everyone will laugh and dance and cheer when they see their family members, their Twin Flames, and the loving officers of the Galactic Fleet in their handsome uniforms.  And of course, what a stunning surprise they will have when our dear Sananda himself descends from the New Jerusalem to walk once again upon dear Mother Earth.

Many of you have focused on the moment of uncloaking or landing, as if that will be the end of the story, and after that all will somehow fall into place.  No matter how many Galactic teachers and Ascended Masters we might send into your midst, this is still your planet, your home and the creation of your own hearts and minds.

We cannot simply transplant the society of Heaven onto Earth’s soil without your full participation – it would be like the missionaries who went to Africa to shame the indigenous tribes into covering their beautiful bodies with elaborate clothing in the heat, in Our name.  Many of those same tribes eventually adopted the shame-based religious beliefs wholeheartedly and integrated it into their way of life.  Now We are coming to those same people and saying, “It’s okay.  You can take off your clothes now.”

We have been working with you on the clearing away of old belief systems to prepare you for the new, which will in many ways feel to you as if we have just told you to take off all your clothes, and leave them off, for good.  Even if you love being naked, it would require a fundamental shift in you, would it not?

Yes, higher level energies will help, and DNA changes will speed your evolution as human beings, but your cultural memories still have a strong pull, just as they do when you incarnate after a visit at Home with Us.  Some of you have experienced hundreds of incarnations under the old psychological slavery.  These memories will not be completely obliterated; you will still need to adapt and learn higher dimensional ways in your still somewhat familiar human bodies.

We are encouraging you to begin now to adapt to the new Golden Age conditions.  Feel yourselves in command of every thought, feeling and action in the spirit of Love, Compassion, Forgiveness, Generosity and Joy.  See your fellow humans doing the same.

We tell you these things so that you can envision them in your mind’s eye.  The more vividly you see the glorious scenes of triumph the more surely it will manifest exactly as you planned it.  Remember the combination:  Love and Light, Heart and Mind together, fueled by the combined energies of humankind, initiating the powerful spark which will materialize into the flame of Liberation – the Christ Consciousness on Earth. This combined human/ Galactic/ God energy – the great I AM Presence in action – is the source of Creation which will bring in and sustain the full glory of the New Golden Age.

Open your hearts and feel our Presence, and you will be with us Now.

Your loving Mother/Father God.

Via Kathryn May, May 24, 2013, 1 am, New York City


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