Part 161, Becoming The I AM That You Are

by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 05/26/13

In recent weeks we have varied our schedule of messages to accommodate to the travel schedule and work requirements of our channel.  We will now resume our previous schedule, because you like to know which days the messages will be posted.  We will give you a written message on Monday, Thursday and Saturday, and the radio show will continue on Wednesdays.  We will ask Kathryn to post an announcement on her website whenever possible if there is to be a change in that schedule.  We ask your patience in certain periods when internet service is less available and might require a delay in the postings.  

Now, Dear Ones, we wish to communicate with you about how you can find the peace and reassurance within yourselves to carry you through this time of difficulty which you may feel as delays in the Great Plan.  We assure you this is not the case.  All is moving forward, with the enlightenment of individual souls taking precedence in this transition time.

Those of you who have found it possible to cultivate patience at the same time you have looked inside yourselves to find greater strength and resourcefulness are obeying the requirements of Cosmic Law.  Your own Mighty I Am Presence is the resource you are beginning to discover and rely upon as your source of Power and Light.

It has long been the mystery hiding in plain sight that each of you has the Power of Divine Presence within you; you do not require a priest or minister or even a mystic channeler to allow you to experience the glorious and unlimited Light which is available to you personally.  You have forgotten or you have been deliberately distracted from your own Power by the centuries of enslavement under Dark ideas and Dark controls.  It has been lost to your conscious minds that the chains which bind all of you to the mundane frustrations and limits of daily life are an illusion.

Yes, there are earthly prisons made of stone and mortar, and in the incarnated physical body one can be imprisoned there, but this is the end point of a long series of deceptions and manipulations of the minds of mankind.  What if the masons and carpenters had refused to build the prisons in the first place?  What if the judges and police had refused to acknowledge criminality but rather had established Mystery Schools to retrain and enlighten the offenders who had slipped from their natural path of Ascension?  What if there were no armed police because the population refused to allow any human cruelty or mistreatment of even one of their members, from birth until their final completion of the Earthly incarnation?

The conflict, ill-will and destructiveness in the behavior of your fellow humans is the culmination of centuries of accumulated feelings of hatred and selfishness.  These feelings, which have reached a peak in this civilization, are the impulses behind all forms of devastation and thoughtlessness on the planet.  For instance, consider the environmental devastation which, with direct conscious connection to the Source of All That Is would be completely unthinkable.

The abominable treatment of animals, which are then used as food, has been a powerful tool in the spread of Darkness; people have been convinced that the consumption of great amounts of animal flesh which has previously been tortured in vile conditions and then killed for food is actually good for them.  It has been one of the ways that Darkness has been literally consumed and digested into the cells of the human body, in direct contradiction to Divine Law.

The human body is designed to thrive on much smaller amounts of nutritious food than you are accustomed to – vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits grown naturally and with Love are sufficient to sustain a healthy existence.  It is the use of food as an indulgence for the lowest sensory experience which brings with it the associated illnesses and malaise.  The feeling of being stuffed to overflowing with the lowest vibrational substances – greasy fried starch, animal flesh and sugar – all produced in the presence of poisons and toxins, has created a culture of disease and death in the human mind and body.

We have often tried in these pages to illustrate as vividly as possible how far you have strayed from the life of Light which is available to every single one of you.  You believe that your world is incapable of rising out of its dark doldrums without the intervention of God and the Ascended Masters, who will “rescue” you from the habits of the past.  This is not true.  It is within your power to return to a life of glorious Communion with Divine Light even if no one else ever offered you a single moment of assistance other than to teach you these Universal Principles.

We are not suggesting that we would deprive you of assistance.  We are currently sending you help in the form of Masters who teach the True Way and the joyful life of mastery, creativity and wellbeing which is possible when you recognize the Power Within.  This, of course, is the Ascension process in action.

Let us explain:  Many of you are under the impression that the changes which will be brought about by Disclosure, uncloaking of the ships, and sharing of advanced technology will overlay or impose conditions on Planet Earth which will recreate the Paradise in which you can then satisfy all your earthly appetites without the inconvenience of war, evil and death.  This is not the goal, and will never become reality.

The goal of the Ascension process is to establish a new environment in which each individual soul may at last come into the responsibility and realization of the Mastery and Power of their own I AM Presence.  By removing the Dark Entities who have created the self-hatred and hatred of all that is Love and Light, we intend to “clear the decks” for a new phase of elevated learning for our Earth Children.

This plan does not include the experience of Heaven which you have been introduced to by many of your popular religions:  idly sitting on a cloud, surrounded by sexually attractive virgins and massive amounts of food while angels sing and play harps, or simply sitting idly watching the show that is life on the planet below.  Of course, this is a caricature of the popular teachings, exaggerated to point out the elements of sensory indulgence which again appear as a seductive allure.

Do you see how you have been misdirected from the joy of being One with God to the seduction of believing in the indulgence of bodily sensations?  We are not suggesting asceticism or imposed deprivation – this is no different from indulgence in its incessant focus on bodily functions.  We are trying to point you in the direction of the Forgotten Promise which offers you all participation in Unconditional and Unlimited Divine Love.  What could be better than that?

Would you really trade unlimited amounts of alcohol, “recreational” drugs, sex, cigarettes, Twinkies and hamburgers for the experience of Ascension into the glorious embrace of your Cosmic family of Light and Love?  Would a megamansion really replace your soul’s hunger to reside in a Crystal Palace of Light where your own efforts to achieve complete consciousness lift you out of the mundane struggle to join with your own Twin Flame in the experience of unfathomable Love?

We understand that you have not been properly introduced to the glories of life in the higher realms which are available to all of you.  In fact, the effort has been to turn your eyes away from the ever-present call of your Higher Self which awaits your simple attention and commitment to raising yourself up to the potential that is yours.  We will work with you here to offer further lessons, and we will ask Kathryn to teach these principles and techniques in her workshops.  Begin with the following practice:

Turn your eyes upward, Dear Ones, to connect your inner knowing with the energy and power that is yours if you will only receive it.  Allow the warmth and acceptance of Unconditional Love to flow down through your center channel from your own I Am Presence which resides above you, like your own fountain of Life which will nourish and sustain your Vitality, Power and Creativity.  You, yes you, are forever connected to the Source of Unlimited Power and Joy if you only turn your efforts to fulfilling the promise of Perfection of which you are capable.

Is the challenge we present to you easy to achieve?  Is your current life of pain and conflict easy?  Would you continue to choose it and perpetuate it if you truly understood the glorious alternative that life in the God Presence offers?  Beyond the words we offer you here in the paltry form of intellectual communication these messages allow, we also send the energy of Love to wash over you, to awaken you in peace and clarity to the excitement that awaits you in higher vibrational realms.  It is here, between the lines, placed here for your enjoyment and illumination.

This month we will also send unlimited energies of nourishment and Unconditional Love to heal and support you in your decision – to be or not to be?  We invite you to embrace the I Am Presence which is your birthright.  You will never regret belonging to the Higher Realms and working to lift yourself ever higher into the Light of Oneness which is your destiny.

We love you perpetually and without limit,
Mother/Father God.

Via Kathryn May, May 26, 2013, 9 pm


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