Part 164, We Work Together to Bring You Help

by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 06/01/13

Dear Ones, you have an old saying that used to be given to teach beginners to type.  It was “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.”  We would change that to men and women.  Few people stopped to think about the meaning of those words.  We ask you to do so now.  

It is a wonderful time and a challenging and sometimes terrifying time for some of you.  You do not like change, many of you.  You are unsettled by the idea of letting go of everything you have used to define yourselves and your way of life.  Yes, many of you are making a sincere effort to be open to the changes, but you often find yourselves defining the new Golden Age and your place in it as if it were nothing more than the present circumstances with perhaps nicer neighbors and fewer money problems.

We have tried to help you open your hearts by giving you a vision of life in which fairness and justice reign, and in which there is no more poverty and want, no more prejudice and cutthroat competition in which the deck is stacked in favor of the few, and everyone else battles for the leftovers.  What will take its place?  A world you have never seen or experienced except perhaps in the rare fairy tales which described peace and beauty, but then it was always amidst the dangers from gremlins and wicked step-mothers.  We are telling you now:  No more wicked step-mothers, or step-fathers either.

Wickedness will be a thing of the past, but it will require some work on your parts to clear yourselves of the dark memories and feelings which carry you back to a place in which your light does not shine as brightly, and your capacity to love is handicapped by being swamped in anger, resentment and fear.

There is a way out of those feelings, a way to find your way to the Light which is the God within you.  It will take concentration and dedication to relearning the truth about yourselves, and applying the lessons of The True Way, which we have begun to offer you in these pages and will continue to teach you in the coming weeks and months.  You will not be sorry you applied yourself to learning this new way of life, for it brings with it the greatest joy you could possibly imagine, greater than you have ever known.

We ask that you apply yourself to working through the book, “Who Needs Light?,” which is a gift to you from Us, and from our dear channel, who is the embodiment of Lady Portia, the beloved Twin Flame of St. Germain.  She is here among you to be the Voice of our Hearts, our Love for you, and our teachings.  She has dedicated herself to doing this work, regardless of the challenges or the cost it might present to her personally.  We believe it is time for the Masters among you to reveal themselves, if they are willing, to allow you access to their teachings and to carry the Word of God as our blessed Messengers.

We will be asking those who are incarnated now to come forward as we request it of each of them.  Do not pester your teachers to reveal themselves.  We will let them know when it is the right time for each of them.  We are doing this at this time because of the massive shifts which are taking place on the planet and because of the great need for psychological change to keep up with the physical/energetic changes.

There is an intimate connection between the psychological state of being and the level of spiritual development one can attain.  Together with Kathryn, we have offered you tools to help you with the changes you need to make, to evolve quickly from the memory states of childhood, which for many of you involved a state of overwhelming fear, to the peace of mind which can only be felt in a fully-evolved adult consciousness.  We offer you the book, which has written between the lines the energy of Love we feel for you.  We ask Kathryn/Portia to go out across the country and the world to teach you the wonderful Visual Centering technique which you will find miraculous in its simplicity and effectiveness.

The technique of Visual Centering is based on ancient understandings which came with our great Masters from Venus, and has been brought to you via our beloved Sanat Kumara, who incarnated to demonstrate and teach this method, and who trained Kathryn in its practice.  She studied with him for 30 years when he was there, and continues to be in daily contact with him to bring the teachings to the world, now that the time has come when people understand more thoroughly how important it is to take command of their own mental, emotional and physical processes.

Do not underestimate the power of these tools we give to you.  Do not allow yourself to imagine that you cannot shake off your depression, or you cannot learn to conquer anxiety.  You may not have previously had the perspective you needed to learn how directly and powerfully you can change your own feelings and thoughts.  Nothing is written in stone inside your brains, Dear Ones.  A feeling is a response to a thought, and a thought can be changed.  Yes, you can literally change your identity – at least what you thought was your identity.  And you can learn a new language for talking with yourself and others about the true meaning of life.

We say that WE offer you these tools because We include Lady Portia as Us.  She is Us, as You are.  She carries valuable information which she is willing to pass on to you, and you will impart it to others as you gain in wisdom.  You are all on this path together – teachers and students alike, elevating yourselves as you give yourselves in service for the Highest Good.  You can step into the Light of your own I AM Presence, experience yourself as the Godbeing you really are.  We want you to do that.  We know you can do that.  To help you, we send our Own Dear Children, those Masters who have worked with us for thousands of years on their own paths to Enlightenment, just as we sent our Jesus Sananda, to help you and support you on your way.

Be at peace, Beloved Ones.  You have everything you need to become the brilliant Light of Love and Kindness which will raise you into higher vibrational levels.  We are here with you every day, and we send you gifts more precious than diamonds.  Look into your Hearts; open your minds to see everything anew, and do not imagine we have abandoned you.  How could we do that?  You are beloved beyond words, and we want you to succeed in this difficult and challenging task you have set for yourselves – the glorious transformation of Planet Earth and all her inhabitants.  The time is now.

We are Mother/Father God

via Kathryn May, June 2, 2013, 12 am.


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