Part 178, Being the Change, Creating the Dream

by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 07/09/13

You know of course that this is Mother/Father God speaking.  Since Kathryn has received questions about this process – how we do it – we will tell you a little bit about it.  She is sitting at her computer as we speak into her ear.  She types what she hears, correcting during and after for spelling and punctuation.  She is very careful to write exactly what we say, and even to revise it if we decide to add something or change it.  She has developed this skill – having one part of her brain tuned to the higher dimensions where We are, and also keeping an awareness of the physical world so that she can write or speak it.  

This process, thinking double, as you might call it, is something channelers must learn if they are to be reliable and reasonably fast in their translations.  Kathryn is able to do it in such a way that she does not think, as you might know it, while she is taking the message.  This way, she does not impose her own opinions or beliefs (although there is very little disagreement from her in that regard, except when she reads things we have said about her).  She does sometimes object to our making her the subject, but she writes it down nevertheless, because that is our agreement with her.

We have not told you about this before, although Kathryn did talk about it in her first message about editing with Hemingway:  We are also able to control Kathryn’s computer in some small ways.  There was an incident several weeks ago when we were working late into the night, and she nodded off for a moment.  We used that opportunity to backspace over the message to remove what we had said, to add something better.  You can imagine her surprise when she opened her eyes to see the words disappearing!  She thought at first she had leaned on the wrong key, but saw it stop at just the right spot.  We enjoyed that, and she laughed too when she realized what we had done.  So, you see, we do have some fun at this.

We are telling you about this because we have asked Kathryn to talk about a difficulty she has had during the past few weeks.  It seems to have begun immediately after she agreed to channel Zorra, of the Hollow Earth Network, and Zorra suggested that she do it a different way – that she learn to trans-channel, which means that Kathryn would leave her body entirely so that Zorra could inhabit it and speak through her in his own inflection and style, which is very distinctive.

A few days later she began practicing, but much to her dismay, she was unable to leave her body, as she has done many times before, and she was not fully able to take on Zorra’s body either.  Fierce headaches prevented her from focusing for very long.  She tried letting go, she tried bearing down, she tried commanding it, but to no avail.  Eventually she called on Jesus, Archangel Michael, her Higher Self, Us, and any others who might be able to help.  She described the location and the feeling of the pain, and what ensued was a 5-day long marathon of removing a Dark Entity (mostly advanced technology implants), then trying to channel again.  Each time, a new pain would become evident at a deeper level or a different area of the brain.

The implants appeared to be activated by the close connection with Zorra.  The more she insisted on keeping her channels open, the more obvious it would become that there was a foreign body in her system.  Each time, we stopped, removed the object, and she went on to try again.  Again, a new interference would become evident.  This process continued until we had removed 8 different technological implants from her body.  She is now recovering, and will begin to try again to transchannel, but we suspect another form of interference will need to be removed before she is free to begin mastering her new skill.  These implants are most likely the work of those Dark Entities who are left to carry on after their leaders have been arrested.  They are most eager to prove that they can be as destructive as their bosses have been.  We are tracking them down, and they will be stopped.

Kathryn is now safely protected by the golden white light – she will not be interfered with again.  It is probable that the implants were all installed about a month ago, when the suggestion was first made that she learn to do the transchanneling for Zorra, and for the other Ascended Masters she has been channeling all along.  They will be able to bring even more of who they are, and to send their feelings directly to you.  This will happen as soon as she is able to continue her efforts to trade bodies with Zorra.

It is apparent that the Dark Ones see Us as a great threat to their continuing power.  They are right.  We will not allow this mischief to continue.  We have been successful in removing Dark Ones from many people in recent weeks, and the effect has been dramatic and permanent for those who have suffered long months and years and are now relieved of the entities that had made their lives miserable.  Kathryn’s case was the first time we had seen so many technological objects – they are a combination of organic and mechanical forms – some more advanced than we have seen previously.  It does give us more information about the advances they have made recently.

Once the lavish funding and support for their secret operations has completely ended, this dark research will be terminated.  They have been able to remain in hiding because of enormous resources and manpower, but this cannot be sustained while arrests are being made and the sources of their massive support disappears.  We are tracking them down with the evidence of these new devices, and will keep you informed of our progress.

We are telling you all this because many of you are Lightworkers, and are also vulnerable to being interfered with as well.  We described the symptoms: inability to meditate and reach high levels of vibration as you have done before; sharp or burning headaches which are brought on by positive actions or high brain wave vibration; any change in your generally happy mood to feelings of discouragement or frustration.  Of course, there would be a combination of these feelings.  If you suspect you have been targeted, you can contact Kathryn and she will refer you to healers who specialize in helping with these removals.

Now, let us also let you know about a few of the hopeful changes in the world.  You as a group have forged new ground.  Since the cooperative venture between Kathryn and Anne of Hollow Earth Network, the family has grown and tightened its bonds.  You see your beloved Masters as accessible, helpful and a real part of your lives.  We love to hear you call in to the radio shows and ask your profound and helpful questions, and we always wish there was more time on the calls for each of you to speak with Us personally.  Of course we always listen when you talk with Us, but isn’t it fun to share our conversation with all the others? It has replicated the conversations we have when you are here with all of us between lives, when we can speak and plan and share the deep feelings of being a loving family.

The feelings you generate when you listen together, aware of the others on the call, have sent waves of light and love which encircles the globe, sending awakening energy to others, and of course the healing pulses of Zorra also resonate far and wide.  The combination of forces joining together is phenomenal, and it can be seen across your solar system.

Each time you have planned an event like the group meditation you did for the Solstice there has been an uptick in the energies, and that effect has lasted beyond the event itself.  You came away with feelings of warmth and sharing, gratitude and fulfillment which are the energy of Ascension in action.  We would like to suggest another such meditation, perhaps this time over a longer period, and perhaps made more emphatic by adding the element of a fast to it.  You might call it a Disclosure Fast.  You know, countries have been reformed and revolutions won by large numbers of people going on strike together, and showing their determination by fasting.  What better way to show the Universe – above and below – that you mean business!

Of course, the most effective fasts for creating change on the ground are those which earn attention in the media.  Perhaps you could join with the people who are working on the Hearings for Disclosure film.  They have a very large audience, and would probably be more than willing to join with you to promote a dramatic event like a three-day protest fast demanding Disclosure.  Those who want to make their emphatic protest felt even further could make it a whole week of fasting.  Anyone whose health is compromised should of course use judgment about the length of their participation.

This method would be especially effective in places like the U.S., where leaders are aware of their well-fed population’s tendency to indulge its appetites.  When such people make a real sacrifice, it creates notice.  A signature page, or perhaps even a print-out insignia for people to wear would get more attention.  You readers who have sent us plans for distributing the Prosperity funds and for getting our teaching out to all will have good ideas about how to promote this.

We are aware of the great need many of you have for economic relief.  Many of you have given your time and energies in service to others without pay, while giving away what you had to those whose needs were greater than your own.  Anne has started an emergency fund for members of the family at her website.  If each of you who can were to give $5 or $10 or more, many could be helped with modest grants which will provide transportation to medical care, food money until their next paycheck comes, or a car repair which will allow them to work.  There is great abundance in the world, and many of you will find yourselves better off than the average family on the planet, even though it might be less than you are used to.

We know you are eager to participate in meaningful actions which will help to bring the changes you are hoping for.  These are two ways you can make a difference.

We love you without end, our Beloved Ones, and we want to see your dreams fulfilled in the most creative and productive way, for the Greater Good of All,

Mother/Father God

Via Kathryn May, July 9, 2013, 11 pm.


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