Part 189, Meditation and Fasting for Truth

by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 07/15/13

Well, let’s start with the Meditation and Fast you are planning.  Many read these messages, so we feel it is important that all our readers know how they can join with their fellow Lightworkers in this historic effort.  We are delighted at the response to the suggestion last Saturday.  You have rolled out a plan, created a press release – with a lovely logo, no less – and are ready to lead the parade which will march from Wednesday into the next week, gloriously proclaiming your Love for your Star Brothers and Sisters and your wish to roll out the red carpet for them.  Of course, they are doing the same for you.  

Here is the plan as Kathryn and Anne – with enthusiastic help from several very talented volunteers – have agreed to organize and shepherd it.  The fast will begin on Wednesday.  When you awaken that day, begin your day with a large glass of lemon water, which you may sweeten with a bit of honey or maple syrup for balance.  Instead of spending time on preparing and eating your meals that day, spend it in deep and intense visualization – combining heart and mind always.

See your government leaders, one after another, standing behind their podiums, announcing that there will be a complete opening up of documents, files and minds, to allow the people (each of you imagine your own leaders) to know the Truth about the myriad contacts and programs which have been carried out over the past years without the knowledge of the citizens.

Picture the smiles on the faces of those who have known, as you do, that we were only awaiting the green light for these Disclosures to be made.  Imagine the size of Obama’s grin when he can finally reveal the Truth.  See the faces of the children who will be in wonder and excitement about meeting their cousins from the skies.  What stories will be told about the past, about their knowledge of our long path to victory!

Imagine the deck of the New Jerusalem as the first Disclosure announcements are made.  See you and your friends pouring out into the streets, cheering and looking skyward to send your Love to the galactics who are waiting to embrace you.  John Lennon’s song, “Imagine” will play across the land, bringing tears of joy to all who have known in their hearts that one day this would come to pass.

As you go through your day, people will notice that you are not in the lunch line, not going to the pub after work, and they will ask you why.  Tell them you are making a small sacrifice of Fasting for Disclosure.  Tell them that the Universal Law of One means that when many people focus intently on a positive effect, it happens.  Studies about the power of prayer, and historical successes like Gandhi’s India demonstrate that when the will of the people is focused with intention, the thing they have created in their minds does come to pass.

Encourage others to join you, to listen to the BlogTalkRadio shows:  Wednesday on Kathryn’s ChannelPanel with us, and Thursday, Friday and Saturday on Anne’s Hollow Earth Channel (also  You will have the opportunity to call in with your own contribution to the meditation exercises and your own personal feelings about the process you are all experiencing.  It will be a great morale boost for you to share these feelings and intentions.  The synergy will build as you continue through the weekend toward the full moon on Monday, the 22nd of July.

Those who are dedicated and willing can continue their fast for a full week, through Tuesday.  As the moon travels through the three days of its peak – Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, increase your meditation to allow for an hour or more of moon-glow.  You will feel the warmth of the moon’s light, which also carries the reflected God-energy from the Central Sun.  Know the feeling of connection and peace which your ancestors celebrated as a regular part of their lives in days of old.

Spend time every day in nature, even if it is a city park or a tiny patch of lawn.  Take off your shoes and stand on the Earth.  Send your love downward into the center of your dear Mother Earth, whom some of you call Gaia.  Feel the Love we are pouring down on you, and let that Love wash through you, cleansing and purifying your mental, physical and emotional bodies.

Let that pure Love flow down through every cell, strengthening and balancing you.  When you send it downward to Mother Earth, listen quietly for her response.  You will be nearly lifted off your feet with her enthusiastic energy blast!  Your Mother has great power, and when she smiles, all Nature breaks loose in bloom, the waters sparkle with joy, and the birds sing with hearts filled with Love.  In those moments of ecstasy you will begin to understand the Love we feel for you, for this is our Love you are feeling in and around you.  Yes, Dear Ones, We are truly One.

Do you know what that means, really?  As you do your meditations to call for the Truth, to permit your family to reunite, you will begin to understand what the North and South Koreans and the North and South Vietnamese felt for so many years.  It is the longing of Romeo and Juliet, of blood brothers separated by irrational social norms and racial hatreds, and of long-lost Prodigal sons longing to come home.  It is the deep loneliness you have felt in your bones these many lifetimes.

You have been parted by those in power who wished to control all the people of Earth.  Racial prejudice is not a feeling which originates in an innocent child.  Children are color-blind.  Patriotism is only important to war-mongers who need recruits.  Without greed and fear to control your actions you would be traveling freely, sharing the wealth of the planet – cultural, agricultural, material and spiritual wealth – and there would be no want.  Those conditions will come again, to restore the beauty and abundance which once existed on your beautiful Blue Planet.

There are many writings circulating – dug up from past years or what is now an ancient time – months ago.  The timeline in which Earth would have tipped on her axis, flooding all your cities and causing great loss of life has been transcended.  You will not go back to a former, lower level of vibration now.

There will be upheavals, yes.  You are seeing them now.  Droughts and floods, fires and some earthquakes will continue.  You will have the opportunity to see and feel the pain Mother Earth has suffered as a result of  human insensitivity and callousness.  Those who have argued that jobs are more important than environmental protections will be revealed as the propaganda experts they really are. There never was such a choice.  Environmental health brings abundance to all; environmental degradation brings profits to the elite.

In the early days of Planet Earth, when Paradise was new, there were no “jobs.”  People contributed their skills joyfully, fulfilling their destiny by bringing creative expression to all they did. There was no want, no war, no competition.  There was just Life, fully and happily lived.  Food was abundant and nutritious because it came from a healthy planet.  The humans then were at a higher vibrational level and therefore needed much less nutrition.  All life was more comfortable, more cooperative, and more peaceful. All felt the power of belonging, of One.

You will return to that Paradise, Dear Ones.  Take part in this coming week of dedication and cooperation as if your lives depended on it.  They do.  You must turn this giant ship around, by the sheer force of your will to Ascend.  It is a normal part of your will to live, this desire to elevate yourselves.  It has been a drive which was stifled by cultures everywhere, and yet you still yearn.  You have looked to the skies since childhood, in wonder and hope, feeling the longing to know, to learn the Truth.

Do you still ask, “What is the meaning of life?”  You will find out in the coming week what you are made of, what you are capable of, and what you can achieve when you put your heart and mind to it.  You define yourselves day by day by your actions.  You, only you, know who you are, where you have been, and whether you have put your full energies into something you believe in.  If you have, you are a person fulfilled, without sorrow or regret.  Make this true for yourself now.

Create a week in your life in which you have no regrets, no apathy, no “skepticism” and no fear.  Be bold in your choices and dedicated in your actions.  Do not cut corners or make excuses.  Be scrupulously honest with yourself, and you will step into the Light of Heavenly Love.  You will feel nourished in a way you have never felt before, and you will know peace.

We are here with you, around you, inside and out.  We love you one and all.

Your Mother/Father God.

Via Kathryn May, July 15, 2013, 10 PM


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