Part 181, A Call to Create Paradise on Earth, Together

by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 07/19/13

Dear Ones, you are doing so well with your fast and meditation, we see thousands of you taking part!  What a successful event this is.  The Galactic Council has been following the readings which show the increase in light on the planet, and they are impressed with your effectiveness.

The measure went up last night during your call.  We are looking forward to another wonderful lift when we speak with you tonight.  We asked Kathryn to begin our message before the call so that she will have time to finish it later.  We will have the experience of talking with you in between in person.  Isn’t this fun?  

Did you ever think that fasting could be so exhilarating?  It can be a wonderful cleansing process.  While you have the opportunity, you may take it further than meditating for Disclosure.  You can also take a little time in your meditations – try it over the weekend, perhaps – to do a complete scan of your body.  Focus on any old injuries, disease, or discomfort.  Intensify you beam of intention to address one area at a time, and send a stream of Love/Light to the area which has been affected.  Make your beam as powerful as a laser;  use the Violet Flame to burn away disease, injury, and the wear and tear of your lifetime so far.

As you send your laser Light of Love to the each area in sequence, call on Us, the Legions of Light, to assist in your complete change process.  Ask for any and all Masters with whom you feel a personal connection.  Ask Us, Mother and Father God, to bring our Love to you as you use it to become new again.  We encourage every one of you to take part in this personal healing process, and to continue it if necessary, through the full moon phase that is coming.

You see, this is a healing time for everyone – Mother Earth and all her precious inhabitants.  We want to see all of you elevated and healed.  The more you do of thiswork now, the more fluid and comfortable will be your Ascension process.  This Disclosure is about more than revealing government secrets.  It is the doorway to a New Golden Age on your dear planet.  It means change, healing and a return to the beauty and Love which was and continues to be your birthright.  Beauty includes perfect health.  Love means no more suffering.  All these things are combined in the preparation for Ascension.

This is why we have asked Kathryn to organize the healing group.   Although she was not aware of our request, she simply acted on her impulse to do this, and began organizing it immediately.  We are showing you this to encourage you to do the same:  become so tuned to our communication and our Love for you that you feel it and act on it all the time, waking and sleeping.

For those who may not have heard the radio shows about the Fasting and Meditation for Disclosure, we wish to encourage you to join in, by joining with the family of Lightworkers who are putting their efforts behind this marvelous project.  It is not too late to begin.  You may join the fast or not, as your health requirements dictate, but we encourage you to do the meditations to envision the peace, friendship and Love of your Star Brothers and Sisters which will make the landings possible.  They have marvelous gifts for you, but they cannot proceed without your enthusiastic support.  A “wait and see” attitude will not bring about change.  In fact, it will lower the vibration and act to prevent movement forward.  So, Dear Ones, shake the doubt and fear out of your hearts and minds and join in the Great Project which is the Ascension of Planet Earth and all her inhabitants.

Talk with friends and neighbors about this amazing project which many of the Lightworkers who read these messages believe in and work toward with all their hearts.
What do they gain from their participation in this Great Project?  An opportunity to be of service to all of humankind; the chance to elevate themselves to a higher consciousness; the fulfillment of their distant memory of times long ago when this entire Project, with all its ups and downs, was envisioned and planned.  It is a community of inspired volunteers who give of themselves to create, just as We have taught you all to do.  They are creating a better world for everyone.

Lest any newcomers be tempted into “skeptical” thinking, or imaginings about how this must be some sort of cult, look at this again.  A cult is designed to aggrandize and enrich a leader or group and to enslave its members.  We work behind the scenes, using prayer and Light, not limousines and enormous churches.  There is no financial contribution required or any reward other than your own growth and the salvation of the planet.  No television appearances or glamour or marketing are connected with this group.  As much as possible, they work behind the scenes, offering their work for as little as they can possibly do and still remain housed and fed and able to travel in order to work more.

Lady Portia and Lady Nada offer you tools for your growth, in many forms.  Use them, Dear Ones, so that you may grow and thrive now.  Our book, “Who Needs Light?” is inexpensive and thoroughly planned to aid in your Ascension.  It contains information that is completely different from these messages – tailored to your own personal growth.  The supplement Laminine is designed to support your entire brain and body to aid in the transition to higher vibrations.  None of this is accidental or trivial.  Take part in all these efforts to help you help yourselves.  They are our gifts, given through our willing Masters, who work tirelessly to make this work possible.

This is the work of Our Hearts, and we love each and every one of you for taking part in it.  By joining with Us to make it come into being, you will gain your own freedom from oppression and want.  As we have told you so many times, you create your own world.  If you feel and think about fear and hatred, you will create a world filled with fear and hatred; if you feel Love in your heart and your mind, you will create a world of Love for yourself and those around you.

So, Beloved Ones, join us in meditation – that is all that is asked of you.  Join us in Love, Peace, Joy, Happiness and Harmony, without judgment, without fear, and you will indeed find Paradise on Earth.

We love you beyond measure, beyond words, and beyond time or space.

We are your Mother/Father God.

Via Kathryn May, July 19, 2013


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