Part 187, Prime Creator on Learning to Use and Control Our “Magic Powers”

by Kathryn E. May, PsyD on 08/04/13

This is Prime Creator. I wish to keep in close contact with you during these crucial days leading up to your final Ascension. Kathryn has agreed to be available at all times to transcribe these messages for you, and we are grateful for her unquestioning service.  

Those of you who have practiced your meditations, healings and clearings, and have reached the level of Loving energy in all your dealings, will be in the first wave of those who will be taken to the ships. You will experience the exhilaration and overwhelming celebration as you meet at last with your adoring Brothers and Sisters who are standing by in anticipation of this great event. Many of you have agreed that once you are restored and acclimated to the 5th dimension, you will go through the intricate process of descending once more into the lower dimensions to work with those who have been reluctant to leave their old habits and trappings behind.

Our Sananda will be there, teaching and reassuring the people as only he can. It will be a very exciting time for all the Lightworkers, because they will have the opportunity to work closely with Sananda, and this time, although you may all face some psychological and emotional reluctance in those who have not yet ascended, there will be no violent end to this triumphant story. The group of beloved apostles and family who were with Sananda during his life as Jesus will be able to live the wonderful experience of teaching and healing at his side, without the fear of persecution. This time, no one will be beheaded; no one will be crucified.

The teaching and mentoring, with help from the Galactics this time, will continue until all souls who have been “signed on” with Sananda to accomplish this glorious ascension have moved into the upper 5th dimension. Imagine the triumph which will be shared by all when the last soul “crosses the finish line.” All curmudgeons, skeptics and doubters will eventually be swept along in the wonder of seeing so many of their friends, family and acquaintances returning to help them with the Light of Love surrounding them, gloriously happy and ecstatically in Love. Who would not be willing to let go of their favorite negative belief systems when they see what the payoff has been for others.

Now, I will answer a question. You wondered about the strange weather. You suspected it had something to do with cleansing. You were right. The almost hourly showers are part of Mother Earth’s way of cleaning the air, especially the air that comes over the land from the West. All pollution from cars, manufacturing, farming, and so on, is cleaned by depositing all residue in the dense Canadian forests, where it can be processed and returned to the Earth as harmless dust. Fortunately, there are still large tracts of forest lands across the U.S and Canada, and the trees and other plants are becoming more efficient in their cleansing abilities, just as you are becoming more powerful Creators.

Kathryn: At this point I took a break in order to take advantage of a sunny interlude, after a day of mostly rain. It was an eventful hour. I went for a canoe ride down the lake with my little dog Che to visit my neighbors. Che wanted to visit with their dog while I talked with them from the canoe, so I let him out of the boat. He has been there before, but instead of swimming around the dock to get out on land, he swam UNDER the dock, which is only about a foot over the water, and deadends at the shore.

He disappeared under the dock, and all I could see were his little feet, which appeared to stop moving from where I was in the canoe, trying to see under the dock. He did not come when I called to him to come back. I jumped into the water and went under the dock as far as I could go – I saw his head, to my relief. He had gone as far as he could go, but he wasn’t coming out. I finally got far enough under to get ahold of his back end and drag him out. Needless to say, my heart was pounding. We went home drenched and shaking, but unhurt.

Prime Creator said:
Yes, the incident with your little dog was indeed a mirror of things you were thinking when you woke up this morning. It is now less than 12 hours later, and the events you pictured, with your little pup having to be rescued by you did indeed develop just as you pictured them. Different dock, same events. You see how powerful your thoughts are. You must not think of fearful events at this point, because your powers have developed so quickly. This is part of the training.

(K: The thoughts I woke up with, about Che falling off the dock into the water, at risk…those were put into my mind, weren’t they.)

That is true. It was necessary for you to grasp the urgency of not dwelling on fear under circumstances that would not ultimately be life-threatening for you or your dog or others.

You have already seen it happen with people you have worked with. They are healed, restored to complete health, physically and mentally, but as soon as their thoughts turn to fear and illness, bad things happen; they get sick. You create with your thoughts.

The energies are so intense now, it is a nearly 1 to 1 correlation. This also works the same way with positive thoughts, which are even more powerful. The results are not always as clear-cut or obvious as with negative thoughts because positive feelings and thoughts are often less specific, but you can work on creating specific, positive events just as you can envision an illness, an accident, or even a weather event.

Humans have always been interested in their abilities to create with their thoughts, knowing intuitively that there was a direct connection between thinking and causality. Unfortunately, it has been given a bad name by Dark Ones whose intention was to hurt others through “black magic” (which of course is not magic at all) or other methods of causing trouble for others. You need no longer fear these lower vibrational thought forms. As long as you are at a higher dimension than the ones who try to make trouble for others, you will be unaffected. You see, it is not even necessary to rid the world of these low-level troublemakers, since you are leaving the world of their influence behind.

It is really very simple when you have learned the simple laws behind manifesting through thought/feelings. It is a crucial part of your training now, since your powers are increasing rapidly. First, the caveat, which you have often heard in jest: Beware what you think about; it is likely to come true. Now, fortunately, at the dimensional level where you are, a simple, fleeting thought is not powerful enough to create havoc. It requires concentration combined with genuine desire. The thought/feeling is the spark which creates.

You have heard that prayers can bring healing. This is the simple, direct result of the power of positive manifestation. When the person who is ill receives the healing energy, their Higher Self assists with focusing and directing it for maximum good. As we have said earlier, if the patient insists, they may defeat the healing by continuing to think of themselves as sick, diseased, handicapped, and so on, but numerous scientific studies have confirmed the power of prayer, even when the person was not aware of the prayers.

This is the reason we have asked Kathryn to conduct the healing sessions, to help those who are still stuck in the illness feedback loop to be freed from their illnesses by the powerful effect of many healers working together. You will begin this process in the next few days, and many will benefit from the generous offering from a very large group of strangers who wish them well. You see, the intention to heal another as a gift of Love carries a doubly powerful reverberation because it is a selfless act of service.

The ability to assist in the healing project does not require professional training. You will be instructed simply on the ability to focus and direct your thoughts for maximum power.
As you know, the larger the group, the more intense the effect, increasing incrementally by a scale you know as a Fibonacci series, in which each number is added to the one before it: 1,1, 2, 3, 5, 8,13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144. Thus, if you have 12 people working together, they are 144 times more powerful than one person alone. Imagine the power of 40, or 100! This is why it has been said that a group of 1,000 people meditating together can change the world. It is true.

This is a good learning project for all of you. You will be practicing your ability to focus, to concentrate on an outcome, and you will receive feedback from the patient concerning the effects of the healing. You will feel yourself gaining in confidence as you work with others, including professional healers from widely varied training modalities.

All are welcome, all are appreciated, and you will be able to experience it together via the internet radio show for this purpose which Kathryn will be monitoring on http://www.BlogTalkRadio/ChannelPanel, her usual station. There is a chat room function for those who cannot call from great distances. We are asking Kathryn to learn to use it to present the information on each patient you are to heal to help you focus together.

It is a beginning for all of you to acknowledge and begin training yourselves in the use of your “magic powers.” During this period of the Lion’s Gate energies, through August 12 and beyond, your efforts will be multiplied by the rising tide of high vibrational energy. Use it to heal each other, the planet and yourselves. It will take you another step higher in your Ascension preparations, and will help you to acclimate to the power you will have when you fully enter the 5th dimension; you will be “old hands” at handling one aspect of the astonishingly different way of life you are soon to experience. You will be glad for the preparation, and for the experience of working with a skilled and inspired group of Lightworkers.

Your planet has risen, Beloved Ones, and your individual stars are rising. As you are learning, your Ascension does not just happen suddenly one day. It requires preparation and focus to make the transition ahead. Take advantage of every opportunity to learn new skills, new ways to free yourself of old patterns of thinking and acting. Taking part in a project like this will be new for most of you. That is a great bonus. Use it well, and everyone will benefit enormously.

For those who are not familiar with the procedure, you can sign up to be on the healing team by going to and click the button “Email me/Sign Up” which will take you to Kathryn’s email program which will help her to contact you about scheduling the sessions. There will be many hours available during the week for volunteers from around the globe. Sessions will be 30 minutes each, so you can join several without it crowding your schedule too much. Join as many as you possibly can.

Consider yourselves “in Ascension,” my Dearest Ones. You are truly growing day by day. I am monitoring your progress carefully, as you see from these messages. A planet in ascension is a cosmic event – one which is felt throughout the entire cosmos. You may have thought of yourselves as small and insignificant in cosmic terms, but this is not so. Your efforts yesterday, today and tomorrow are having an uplifting effect throughout the Universes beyond any your scientists have discovered. All planets, all galaxies, all beings throughout the cosmos will rise with you as you elevate yourselves degree by degree, moment by moment.

You are coming out of the Darkness into the brilliant Light of the New Golden Age. It is happening now. Breathe the nourishing waves of uplifting energy; revel in your new strengths; celebrate the dawn of a truly new day in the history of Planet Earth, and you and I are here to experience it together, as One.

I am the one you know as Prime Creator, Creator of all.

Via Kathryn May, Aug. 3, 11 pm.


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