FRACKING IN THE UK : You can have the evidence of science and business, or the abusive propaganda of James Delingpole.

The Slog.

ScreenHunter_102 Jun. 04 07.34That, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, is entirely a matter for you

Those masochists among you who follow The Slog regularly will be aware of my objections to fracking in Britain, but to summarise again (hit the search engine for ‘fracking’ if you want to see all the blogs) the energy extraction method raises three huge problems for any United Kingdom government considering it:

1. It is colossally heavy on water use, and given that our under-invested water supply system here is groaning already under the weight of people generally emitting waste products and otherwise keeping clean, it seems a tad silly to threaten the water infrastructure so we can have more heated water less reliably.

2. In an overpopulated country already busy paving over its agricultural land for car parks and houses, the proposal seems to be that we dig up the rest of it in order…

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