US Navy Killing Whales & Dolphins to Destroy Light on Our Planet [audio]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Thank you Alfred!

As we’ve discussed before, I believe the whales and dolphins are the Lightholders; exceptionally high beings who chose to be here for a greater purpose than swimming the oceans, and Patricia Cori is of the same belief.

I have shared at least one petition to halt the US Navy’s plan to destroy millions of lives in the sea with their so-called “anti-terrorism” sonar testing and I hope Humanity will continue to champion this fight against another kind of genocide. We must make our voices heard.

Patricia has done some remarkable things to raise awareness around our friends’ plight in the “cetacean nation” as Alfred Webre calls it in this audio, including writing a screenplay and a novel. I look forward very much to reading/seeing “The Emissary”.

I thoroughly enjoyed this exchange and am happy to know Patricia is doing what she can to protect our Beings of…

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