Yes I know, this is one of many highly controversial subjects I must cover as part of getting back to nature and getting back to health should be basics. And consuming large amounts of Toxins/Poisons is not, you can decide for yourself what is right and best for you as the proof is in the pudding for me. Fluoride, which is important to know that this is not the natural occurring element. It is actually nothing more than a by-product from smelting  Fertilizer, Steel, Nuclear and Aluminium industries! The result is Sodium Silicofluoride, Sodium Fluoride and Fluosilic Acid.  Put into the water as a façade, as Hazard Control did not know what to do with it! This is often confused with naturally occurring element, Fluorine, that may have some benefits for your teeth but not found in any product or practice. But the 3 ingredients (Man made) mentioned are found everywhere and have no studies or scientific data to confirm prevention of tooth decay.


In 1940, Fluoride was put into our water. Shortly thereafter, the chemical started killing crops and causing crippling bone decay and damage to livestock. It was 2007 when the American Dental Association (ADA) first warned that parents of infants younger than a year old “should consider using water that has no or low levels of fluoride” when mixing baby formula, due to concerns about fluorosis. Exposure to high levels of fluoride results in a condition known as fluorosis, in which tooth enamel becomes discoloured. The condition can eventually lead to badly damaged teeth. Fluoride is the biggest fraud of all time.

Why would the Government do such a thing besides cost effectiveness. The Eugenics program used by Hitler is no secret. Dow and Alcoa transferred their technology to Germany At the end of WW2, the US sent a research worker Elliot Perkins who learned that Fluoridation was used to mind control cities they had taken over. It was found that Fluoride caused damage to certain parts of the brain, neurotransmitters, making it difficult for the individual to defend and becoming more docile to authorities. It is probably no coincidence that toothpaste given to prisoners contain a large amount of fluoride.

Then, in 2010, the Journal of the American Dental Association published a study that once again found, contrary to what most people have been told: fluoride is actually bad for your teeth. The study showed increased fluorosis risk among infants who were fed infant formula reconstituted with fluoride-containing water, as well as for those using fluoridated toothpastes.


Surprised? You might be surprised by a few other facts about fluoridation that everyone should know. There are plenty of studies showing the dangers of fluoride to your health, such as:

  • Increases lead absorption Dementia Genetic damage and cell death
  • Disrupts synthesis of collagen Bone fractures Increases tumor and cancer rate
  • Hyperactivity and/or lethargy Lowers thyroid function Disrupts immune system
  • Muscle disorders Bone cancer (osteosarcoma) Damages sperm and increases infertility
  • Brain damage and lowered IQ Inactivates 62 enzymes Impairs sleep by impairing melatonin production by your pineal gland
  • Arthritis Inhibits formation of antibodies

Having too much Fluoride in body causes great risk to the organs and can lead to:

  • Cancer
  • Kidney Disease
  • Lower IQ
  • Immune Deficiencies
  • Bone Disease

As far as tooth decay is concerned, this is not caused by lack of fluoride. A review of 11 studies involving more than 7,000 children showed that the effect of fluoride supplements on primary teeth could not be determined, with one study showing no cavity-reducing effect at all. Tooth decay is caused by acids in your mouth, typically created from sugar being metabolised by bacteria (Streptococcus mutans), highly acidic food, life is high fructose corn syrup.

The acid produced then attacks your enamel. Eventually, the bacteria can get into the dentine, at which point tooth decay sets in. So there are far better options for decreasing tooth decay than using a topical or ingested poison, with a chief one being minimizing your intake of sugary foods and eating a healthful diet.

You typically don’t find dental caries in more primitive societies that did not consume, vast amounts of sugar like in the West! What happened in the UK. The common ignorant question would be the issue of Fluoride. For one, being a common British girl. The consumption of black tea (loaded with….YES…Fluoride) free dental care, unwarranted with fillings, root canals, more fluoride etc. And if you have ever compared the difference in Crest or Colgate! Well, a picture was sent to me straight from my cousin in Manchester! The Fluoride amount is ridiculous! Facts do not lie and this does not add up. In fact, today, according to data from the World Health Organization, there is no discernible difference in tooth decay between the minority of developed countries that fluoridate water, and the majority that do not. For example, Europe has the same or less dental problems yet they have eliminated fluoride by 95%. And this is why CAPE (Canadian Association of Physicians For The environment) does not support Fluoride for the same reasons I am mentioning.

If you look at the bottle of your toothpaste, you will see that you are to call poison control if more than a pea-sized amount is swallowed, so why are we drinking it when one cup of tap water is equivalent to that amount. And since your skin is the largest organ and holds mostly water, a better question would be…why are we bathing in it.

The World Health Organization studied 16 countries and showed fluoride is of no value for teeth. Most countries like China, India, and Japan have rejected it. Europe has rejected it and is 98% fluoride free. Many other large scientific studies in several countries show the same ineffectiveness.

Do you ever wonder why your dentist asks you to come in every six months for a check up and then insists you sit through an X-RAY?

Do you ever wonder why fluoride is in your drinking water and toothpaste, yet it is considered toxic by the FDA and if you consume too much you are advised to call Poison Control?

For all those who think that dental procedures are just a normal part of life and everyone gets cavities, THINK AGAIN.

This is what the ADA doesn’t want you to know …

We have been told a lot of flat out myths over the years when it comes to our teeth.  The strides the government has taken to shield this from our view is appalling.  Many dentists have realized the error in their ways, and now, follow a much more natural path.  However, the majority of dentists are still promoting these fallacies.

Myth:  Fluoride is Essential to Healthy Teeth
“Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century” (Robert Carlton, Ph.D., former U.S. EPA scientist on “Marketplace” Canadian Broadcast Company Nov 24, 1992)

In the late 1940’s, the Department of Public Health recognized a study which showed that people drinking from local water sources possessing more natural fluoride had healthier teeth and less cavities than those people which drank from local water sources containing less natural fluoride. With the results of that study in hand, the Department of Public Health raced to find a man-made chemical fluoride to aid cities around the United States as they added fluoride to their public water systems.

“Fluoride is a cumulative poison. Approximately 98 percent of the fluoride you ingest in water is absorbed into your blood through your gastrointestinal tract. From there, it enters your body’s cellular tissues. On average, about 50 percent of the fluoride you ingest each day gets excreted through your kidneys. Fluoride is more toxic than Lead and slightly less toxic than Arsenic.

Whether this happens or not is highly dependent on the presence of calcium, magnesium, Vitamin C, and selenium in your bloodstream, to which the fluoride will bind so that it no longer is seeking calcium-rich tissues that make up so much of your body. The remainder accumulates in your teeth and bones, pineal gland, and other tissues, including your blood vessels.”

In January 2011, the EPA relented under growing concern about the dangers of fluoride from the public and lowered the maximum amount of fluoride allowed in public drinking water.  In 2006 the National Academy of Sciences recognized the detrimental effects of fluorosis, poisoning from an over-abundance of fluoride in the body. (  In its mildest form it appears as white spotting on teeth.  In its worst state it causes pitting and discolouration of teeth leading to other major dental problems.  As of 2010, thirty-two percent of children suffered from dental fluorosis. ( explains that excessive fluoride exposure has also been linked to a range of other chronic ailments including arthritis, bone fragility, glucose intolerance, gastrointestinal distress, thyroid disease, and possibly cardiovascular disease and certain types of cancer.

A 2012 Harvard study showed disturbing evidence that fluoridation greatly affects the brain, lowering I.Q. levels of children living in those regions with highly fluoridated water.  Studies are also beginning to link fluoride’s effects on the brain to Alzheimer’s. (

To read more on studies proving the toxic properties of man-made fluoride and its destruction of public health read Dr. David Kennedy DDS’s detailed analysis, Scientific Facts on the Biological Effects of Fluorides.

In Ontario we have consumed Fluoride for 36 years, Vancouver does not have Fluoride and also have fewer cavities that Ontario so where is the logic.

Scientific fact: Vitamin K2 particular mk4 reduces Lactobacillus acidopholusin the saliva by  over 95%. This is the same bacteria that is good for gut health but it is bad when it is in the saliva and it causes acid build-up and tooth decay. Do you know what phytic acid is? Did you know that it robs your bones and teeth.It can block calcium and phosphorus absorption and if you don’t have adequate amounts of these nutrients to make up for what your teeth and bones give out everyday, you get a deficiency  You can block phytic acid with real  vitamin c. When you eat and drink acidic foods, your body has to take calcium from bones and teeth to buffer that acidity and a good portion of the calcium remains in the blood arteries. K2 actually activates and moves that calcium out of arteries and other organs and puts in back in the teeth and bone. Same with blood sugar spikes. Did you know vitamin d is what is responsible for putting calcium the blood in the first place? So if you’re not getting enough vitamin d,what do you think will happen? And you need to take vitamins A and D together.

Again, I can go on and on about this and everything I said is fact and can be researched. They cured hundreds of thousands of kids in Europe with tooth decay after WWII with fat soluble vitamins K2, A, D, etc.

What can you do about this:

Purchase a water filtration unit

Purchase a water filter for shower

Purchase non-fluorinated toothpaste and use Baking Soda

Find out which products and medications and food that contains Fluoride and try to eliminate from your diet.

Eliminate non stick cookware

Do Coconut Oil Pulling

Seek out a Natural Dentist


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