At the End of the Day

The Slog.

Do I care….

What William Hague has to say about EU reform?

What the spat between Gove and May is”really” about?

That Peter Hain doesn’t see Ed Miliband as a future Prime Minister?

That Cheryl Cole has a new “hot” French boyfriend?

That Jeffrey Archer has survived cancer?

That Sonny the chihuahua has a new lease of life thanks to his bespoke wheelchair?

That Katherine Jenkins stole the scene in a white dress at Epsom Races?

That Mick Jagger has a new mystery woman?

Hague is a failed Tory leader, Gove is mad, May is boring, Hain is a hypocrite, Cole is an airhead, Archer is a pathological liar, chihuahuas are ghastly dogs, Jenkins in a white dress is like Jeremy Hunt in clerical garb, and Jagger is a has-been.

Dealing with domestic and garden issues today, I thought it a case of the urgent overtaking the important. Now I…

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