The War Behind the Scenes and Over Our Heads

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….”And insiders now believe that President Putin has some remarkably effective new offensive and defensive weapons to deploy if needed.(3) These highly advanced new “Beyond-Black” weapons Systems include the Sunburn Missile System and much much more if needed.”  — Preston James, Veterans Today

There is no doubt that something is brewing behind the scenes with regard to the covert wars on Planet Earth being conducted over our heads and sometimes, behind our backs.  Three indications that things are reaching a boiling point lately:

1.  The Mushroom Cloud seen over Kume Island Japan last week.  Also go here for the Chinese news report:


2.  The posturing in the news by Putin and mini-war being conducted in Ukraine over gas/oil pipelines pushed by Israel/City of London and instigated by CIA plants on the ground.  See the Preston James article that cites…

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