Al-Qaeda offshoot in Iraq offensive LIVE UPDATES

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Al-Qaeda offshoot in Iraq offensive LIVE UPDATES

Radical Sunni militants of Al-Qaeda offshoot, the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL) are advancing and capturing cities in the north of Iraq. The jihadists have declared the capture of the capital Baghdad as their top priority objective.

Friday, June 13
14:18 GMT:
Iraqi army helicopters fired rockets on one of the largest mosques in the city of Tikrit on Friday, local officials and witnesses said. It was unclear if there were any casualties in the strikes on Tikrit, the hometown of Saddam Hussein which was overrun by insurgents earlier this week.

11:34 GMT:
Sunni insurgents fought Iraqi Shi’ite militia at two locations in Diyala province on Friday, a security source and a local official told Reuters. The clashes took place in Udhaim, about 90 km north of Baghdad and in Muqdadiya, 80 km northeast of the capital.

Fighters of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant…

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