Jihadi threat to BLOW UP oil tanker at major UK port!

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A TERRORIST sleeper cell is planning to seize an oil ­tanker and mount a ­spectacular suicide attack at a major UK port.

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Special forces soldiers have been deployed in mainland Britain to support the police after intelligence experts picked up info on the plot.

Home Office chiefs called in the ­Ministry of Defence after uncovering the plan just days ago through a network of informants working for the ­intelligence services.

They warned an extremist unit in ­Britain is planning a “significant event”.

More than 40 personnel from the Special Boat Service’s maritime counter measures unit have been deployed to ports across the UK working with police to review security and mount ­surveillance operations on hundreds of arrivals and departures.

SBS Special Boat Service. Royal Navy Reserve. Royal Marines. 7,420 active duty personnel. Around 1,000 reserve personnel


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