CHEMTRAILS: Take a Look at Who’s Spraying Us

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Agent Orange Contrails or Chemtrails-cJames Preston’s compelling article sheds light on massive Social Engineering as the motive for eco-terrorism, geoengineering (Chemtrails), Monsanto and Agenda-21.

For reasons many us can agree, Preston points to the illegal and unconstitutional Department of Homeland Security as the agency that will ultimately implement the progressively draconian social re-engineering of America. In fact, it was the DHS and Israel who were involved in the aerosol geoengineering research known as HAMP(Hurricane Aerosol Microphysics Program) where it was concluded that hurricanes could be made stronger by using aircraft to spray aerosols of black carbon.

Over 66 million people in the Ukraine were murdered, tortured and starved to death in the Red Terror of the 1917 Russian Revolution.

Considering the 9/11 inside job, NDAA, Monsanto and Chemtrails, history seems ready to repeat.

DHS The New Red ChekaThe ability of Monsanto to shut down the food supply without notice is a noose tightening around the necks of…

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