Media Fails to Report Massive Russian Wildfires Created by Climate Geoengineering

Chemtrails: The Exotic Weapon

Wold Map Russian Wildfires 7-14-2014


By Harold Saive – 7/14/2014 1 PM ET

This story to be updated as data becomes available

Despite three days of wildfire evidence via Terra and Aqua satellite beginning July 12th, no significant corporate media reports could be located.

As of this posted date/time, wildfire reports from southern California and Oklahoma also appear to be under-reported and found mainly on open-source, alternative media sites.

NOTE:  Recent evidence confirms the ongoing criminal assault of covert climate engineering contains chemical bromides that are known as destructive to earth’s protective ozone layer, allowing dangerous UV-B radiation to penetrate to the earth’s surface.  The willful destruction of earth’s protective atmosphere is an immediate issue of National Security as destruction of ozone can only be interpreted as a deliberate act of eco-terrorism by foreign and/or domestic forces as a degrading weapon affecting the health, safety and welfare American people and…

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