Whole Foods Market (WFM) continues to knowingly sell poison to its customers: Natural News seeks class action law firm to pursue legal action

whole foods

(NaturalNews) Whole Foods Market (WFM) is knowingly selling dietary products which are significantly contaminated with toxic heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and tungsten. Some of these contaminated levels exceed California Proposition 65 limits by nearly 2000%. Click here to see some of the laboratory results of rice protein products, many of which were purchased at Whole Foods in Austin, Texas.In May of this year, Natural News presented Whole Foods with irrefutable laboratory evidence proving that many of the organic rice protein products sold on their shelves were significantly contaminated with toxic heavy metals. In response to that, Whole Foods has apparently done nothing to halt the practice: to our knowledge, no products have been pulled from shelves, no recalls have been issued, and no public statements warning customers have been issued.

It is astonishing to realize that while Whole Foods will take enormous measures to warn its customers of even a remote possibility of bacterial contamination in a product purchased at its stores, the food retailer remains utterly silent on the issue of known heavy metals contamination in products it sells every single day.   . >>> to read more, visit here. >>>  http://www.naturalnews.com/045999_Whole_Foods_Market_class_action_lawsuit_heavy_metals_contamination.html



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