WANTED: George Bush and Tony Blair are Officially War Criminals

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

As I read this last evening, memories flooded my mind: On Christmas Day of 1958, I was in an Arab Refugee camp south of Beirut, Lebanon, 17 km. from the Israeli border. I know what those camps were like, and that was many, many years ago before the situation had deteriorated so terribly. It was the year the Marines went into Beirut. That experience marked me forever.

The Palestinians have never given up.  Now, it seems things are coming full circle and eventually will be favorable to them.

Please also note that Alfred Lambremont Webre has a new site, War Crimes Tribunal – Transhumanist Agenda. Please check it out. ~J

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November 27, 2014

I much preferred it when popular geo-political discourse involved writing “FUCK BUSH” on your tits or “impeach Blair” on your MySpace profile, rather than today’s endless stream of lazy “GOBAMA” tweets. Which is why I…

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