The World War Is Coming Closer: Tomorrow the US Congress Will Vote to Go to War With Russia

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

I can’t imagine why Georgi Stankov, who if I remember correctly presents himself as an ascended master, doesn’t present this information in a more positive light. Instead, his words provoke fear. While the knowledge of the U.S. Congress’ activities needs to be made public, there simply isn’t going to be any nuclear war!!! The timeline has changed, so my advice to you all — for whatever it is worth 🙂 is to simply make note of this information and continue right on by it 🙂

It is going to get tough, much tougher than it is now, I think, before it is all over. I’ve said elsewhere that after the first of the year when the hawks take over Congress,  we’re likely in for some difficult times. IMO, it is going to get as tough as it has to get so the American people and others on the planet who are…

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