Hair or Antennae… I’m not cutting it!


When I read this article I truly had a *thud* moment as my jaw hit the floor.  Seriously!!  My husband Nick sent this to me this morning, saying that as soon as he read it, he knew it described me.

A little background:  I have long hair.  Really Really long hair.  I mean, I actually sit on it and have on occasion almost strangled myself (and others, lol) with it.

For the past couple of years I have been saying “I have to cut my hair…. even just a trim…..”  I plan for it, arrange it…… and then I can’t do it.  It has become very clear to me this last few months that it’s not just laziness or even vanity.  I literally just can NOT cut my hair!

I was suppose to cut my sons hair…. yea, I can’t cut that either.  My best friend that we’re visiting wanted…

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