ISIS … The “Grand” Canyon aka the “Tower of Ra” by BOW BAN




Ancient Tama-Re (Egyptians) Hindu (Naagas) Deities

and the “Grand” Canyon aka the “Tower of Ra”



The Hopi (Sioux Nation) Indians still use a large number of original Tama-Re (Egyptian) words in their language, the Hopi Indians told Grand Canyon Park Rangers that this was the Tower of Ra.



Tower of Ra,
The National Park Service will not allow any excavations of the (Mir) Pyramid Temples.




This copper statue from the Kincaid tunnel in the Grand Canyon was identified as a Shrine for Anubis, real name ANU.BU (Anubu) he also was present from time to time, Anubu was a famous A’aferti, Tama-Re (Egyptian) embalmer, “Messenger of heaven and the Netherworld” (the next realm) head man for the protection of the “soul” head protector of the A’aferti (s) when they passed over he was responsible for their mummification and exacting of the brain.
All of the…

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