Wal-mart Takes Steps To Protect Animals And Food Supply

OK, Fine.


Wal-Mart has been reflecting on animal welfare and has developed “five freedoms” that are designed to assure customers that products sold by Wal-Mart embody the humane treatment of animals, according to Forbes Magazine.

This is a major step for a the company.

The five freedoms define standards of acceptable animal welfare that will have profound benefits for both animals and consumers, writes Forbes.

The five freedoms are:

Freedom from Hunger and Thirst.
Freedom from Discomfort.
Freedom from Pain, Injury or Disease.
Freedom to Express Normal Behavior.
Freedom from Fear and Distress.

Wal-Mart has put the livestock industry on notice that animals should have access to fresh water and a healthy diet.

They should also have proper shelters and resting areas; in other words, the deserve conditions which avoid mental suffering or cruel confinement. Animals should also have adequate veterinary care, including timely diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.


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One Response to Wal-mart Takes Steps To Protect Animals And Food Supply

  1. We ‘the people’ could sure use these five freedoms…

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