President Obama’s Record: The Terrorists are Winning

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WASHINGTON – Barack Obama’s mistake-filled, trouble-plagued presidency is slipping into history as Americans begin their search for a successor who can clean up the mess he created.

You’ve probably noticed that Obama isn’t making much if any real news lately. Days go by when he isn’t on the nightly network news or on the front pages of the nation’s newspapers.

It isn’t because he’s being ignored by the news media. It’s because he has nothing new to propose to deal with America’s problems, or, if he does, little chance of being taken seriously by the Republican Congress.

Second presidential terms are historically empty of the kind of major reforms and legislative initiatives that usually take place in the first four years of an administration.

That is, unless the president runs on a meaty, second term agenda — as President Reagan did in 1984 when he campaigned on…

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2 Responses to President Obama’s Record: The Terrorists are Winning

  1. Anita says:

    So sad you have to join the Obama bashing. That’s neither love nor light.

    • Hi Anita, thanks for the comment.. I’m sorry, but!, I truly beleive that Obama is one of the good guys, thing is, I feel I have to put over both sides of the argument, for followers who might think otherwise… We All must follow our own path ‘soul’s journey’ each must play a part in these end times… Once again thanks for your comment.. Namasté… Stay in the realm of the heart and breath Love , forever.

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