Let Us Protect the Seas — The Lifeblood of Humanity

LET US BE KIND TO ALL IN OUR LIVES — PEOPLE, CREATURES, THE EARTH. Let us be stalwart in our stewardship of the earth and the seas. Our earth needs us. Let us be champions who heal the earth and protect the seas — the lifeblood of humanity. For it is up to us. If we do not meet these critical challenges, now, it is we who suffer.We exist with the earth, and seas. We cannot strip it bare without substantial consequences.It is up to us.May we be aware. May we be forward-thinkers. Let it be now. ~ ~ ~Award-winning spiritual author, futurist, clairvoyant, visionary and messenger of angels since 1975, Charol Messenger writes in the Higher Self on The New Humanity, which is now — and it is you. Together, WE are HOLDING LIGHT. (All content this blog copyright © Charol Messenger.)

Source: Let Us Protect the Seas — The Lifeblood of Humanity

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