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Andy… Namaste

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Blossom Goodchild – January 30, 2017

blossomgoodchildHello Offworlders! First of all let me say that the topic I’d like to talk about is not because I am depressed. I’m not. Yet, sometimes … and I have heard others express this also, everything seems a little bit pointless! I KNOW we are here to Love and raise the Vibration of ourselves and The Planet, yet STILL … the everyday conversations etc … just seem so trivial, when you consider what we are here to do. Any advice?

Good day to you. Thank you for your consistency in bringing about thoughts that many humans have upon your Planet. We could not possibly consider such a thought, for nothing that we do or think or express in anyway, would be considered mundane or pointless.
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Montague Keen – January 29, 2017

DIVIDE AND CONQUER is yet again being used to destroy humanity. The invaders who entered your Earth a long time ago, use it over and over again to destroy you. All this anger, marching, and shouting from the rooftops, is giving your ENERGY to your oppressors, who will use it to destroy you. This ANGER provides massive energy that is all used against you. You play right into the hands of your enemies, over and over again. They play you like a violin. Will you ever learn? Continue reading

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Time to Chuck some Music in

La Bamba

Playing For Change – Song Around The World


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Anna Breytenbach

This video is well worth wathing and very rellevant to the NOW.
Andy… Namaste

How to Talk with Animals…

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Mike Quinsey – Channeling his Higher Self – 27th January 2017

mikequinseyYou are involved in making mammoth changes, that when you look back will be seen as the turning point in the history of the Earth. They are necessary to sweep away that which would have held you back, and make way for changes that will set the scene for the New Age to commence. The dark Ones no longer have sufficient control to dictate the way in which the future progresses. They are also going to feel the consequences of losing access to unlimited funding for their black projects. They are also finding it impossible to tightly control operations on Earth, and people who have been reluctant to come out with what they know, are now feeling the courage to do so. Continue reading

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