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Sheldan Nidle – January 24, 2017

13 Cauac, 2 Yax, 13 CabanDratzo! We come on this day to continue our narrative. Everything is steadily moving forward. The opposition to this distribution has been thoroughly broken. Over the coming months we expect to complete the topside of … Continue reading

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A Message from Sheldan Nidle

September 1, 2015 10 Kan, 17 Uo, 12 ManikSelamat Balik! We are in a grand time of transition! The dark cabal continues to weaken. Agreements are in place that firmly delineates its demise! The dark was forced to sign agreements … Continue reading

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You Are Not Alone in the Universe

The Energies in September and First Contact You Are Not Alone in the Universe Channel:  Philipp August 19 2013 Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia. We have informed you that September is an important marker in your development. We have … Continue reading

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Ascension, Disclosure, First Contact.. All That You Seek IS WITHIN YOU!

Waking Up is not the end of anything. There is ALWAYS another question to ask.. another layer to peel.. another wound to heal.. another note to play.. another song to sing.. another bell to ring.. another seed to plant.. another … Continue reading

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Portal 2012

Our reality is about to shift and changes will affect everybody. Planet Earth is now traveling through an interdimensional doorway, called Portal 2012. This portal has opened at the 11-11-11 activation on November 11th, 2011. It will have its turning … Continue reading

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“Adamu” through Zingdad: planetary first contact – Parts 1 and 2

Magenta Pixie of http://www.book-of-light.com introduces Zingdad who channels “Adamu” bringing forth information regarding the timeline where a large lightship shall be visible to us around mid-october this year. Part 1 of 2 Source: Youtube Part 2 of 2 “Adamu” through Zingdad:planetary first … Continue reading

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